Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can I um Have a Picture, You're Famous and All

I hate apologizing for not posting, so I wont. Instead, Id like to explain why I haven't been around computers. Between getting ready for school {senior year..eek} a photoshoot, freelance blogging, and being in and out of Providence for Style week, Ive been going crazy! Its nice to sit in bed and watch bad movies with Chinese food.
{French Connection trench and shirt, Vintage bow tie, Pour la Victoire boots, Hermes Kelly, belt from Hot Topic}
I wore this outfit to the last day of Style week. I attended Monday and Thursday with my mom, and Simona and I drove up on Saturday. I really wanted to go all three days without wearing my go-to dress up staples, most specifically, my Theory, French Connection, and D&G blazers. I paired my favorite FC shirt with my new trench. I love the quiet Ivy pattern and the mini collar. It was super warm, so the trench was a bit of an issue, but Ill never pass up suffering for fashion, I loved the look. I felt like inspector Gadget all night in my trench, I feel safe saying I made quite a statement and such, being that I blend in so well in six inch heels. I had amazing seats, but due to somewhat awkward seat angles, my pictures looked more illegitimate that normal, I thought I'd spare you all. There is only so much editing that can be done, I think Ill leave this one to the professionals.
Simona looked adorable {and quite sexy} in her mildly revealing French Connection dress. I love that it looks like tin foil. Paired with from what I hear are very uncomfortable double platform BCBG pumps. I'm jealous of the gushing compliments she got, maybe I should pick one up in my size...
So when I walked into the show, I saw this man and was like "Shut up I know him!!!" Two laps around the room and a diet coke it hit me, "He's from one Girl five Gays and the Setup Squad!" For those who done know, its an amazing show and I am obsessed. Like more than obsessed, but more on that later. Before I get on with the story, lets just establish that he is gorgeous, even more so in real life. I really hope I didn't squeal or blush too much during our encounters. As I was taking pictures with Simona I saw him walking to the bathroom, at which point I sheepishly {or as sheepishly as one can do so in platforms} trotted over to him and said, "Um Hi, You're from LOGO. I um love you so much, um can I have a picture?" I had half expected him to be like, "what?" HE WAS SO NICE! He hugged me and we got our picture. We spoke twice more through the night, he is so sweet, and it was great to hear about his LGBTQ causes. Its so great to meet people who are successful, but not obnoxious, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. I am literally getting up now so I can temporarily stop typing aka gushing.
Urgh I look like a damn cockatoo. It was such a pleasure to meet Jonathan Joseph Peters after the shows on Monday. His show was mind blowing last night, I loved every single piece.
Happy Labor Day, I need to finish my summer reading.

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