Tuesday, September 6, 2011

17 Going On 70

{Re-worked vintage suede vest, Hawkins McGill shirt, Vintage pin, Vintage Paloma Picasso bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots)
I wore this outfit to Carolyn's farewell dinner at the Teuche. I started the outfit with the boots, and then essentially, shit got real. I was searching for a bowtie, and coming up empty handed, I decided to throw on a brooch. I actually loved the look and found myself touching and playing with it all night. Its like a grandma on top, going to a typing class at the senior center, complete with vest, brooch, and sensible purse. The bottom is the body of a rebellious, sexless teenager who, when is in heels, runs like the wind through parking lots and such. The pose is a bit full-of-artichoke-dit-surfing-dancer, but besides that, I think I could pass for a trendy and active seventy year old. I'm totally into neck brooches, its on.
I bought the rights to Fringing on Obscenity, so when you come to your daily visit, because you all do, no need to type the blogspot part! Fun right? It's amazing what ten dollars and twenty minutes does on GoDaddy.com. All for now, I have work to do before Senioritis kicks in. 

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