Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jonathan D Lovitz

The morning after The Luca Luca and Joy Cioci shows, I found myself rushing to a Starbucks in Hell’s Kitchen to meet Jonathan D. Lovitz. After meeting at Providence Style week, I contacted him and he very kindly agreed to meet me for an interview. I am horrendous with technology, so I handwrote the interview; get ready for a magical journey of paraphrased wisdom.
When did you know you were gay, and when did you come out?
  • ·         When Jonathan was around the age of his Bar Mitzvah Jonathan said he felt weird around the comments, “You’re a man now”. Jonathan spent much time in the theater, and at the age of 16 came out of the closet. His parents already knew; Jonathan had his first serious boyfriend when he was a junior in high school. Whilst in College at the University of Florida, he had two serious relationships; Jonathan is a self-proclaimed “Serial Monogamist.” After college, on a three year tour with a Broadway cast, Jonathan had the ability to visit fifty states, Canada and Europe. “Don’t let being gay define you, and don’t let labels hold you back.” This means a lot, coming from a gay man who happens to love football.
So I heard you love the First Wives Club, who would you be?
  • Jonathan said he is every woman, every day. OCD like Annie, dramatic like Elie, and the neurotic Jew comes out like Bette Midler.
What is your relationship with your parents like?
  • ·         “Amazing.” After getting through the angst associated with coming out, Jonathan’s growing maturity led to a stronger and more secure relationship with his parents. Showing his valiant confidence in his relationship with boyfriend Zachary, he brought him on a cruise with his family; they hadn’t met yet! Luckily, everyone got along, and Jonathan’s sister’s children call him Uncle Zach. They have a relationship to be envious of.
Last March, you excused yourself from jury duty by saying that you felt that as a gay man you didn’t have the same rights that everyone else had. How has the response been?
  • ·         “The reason why I did it no longer exists”, Jonathan said happily. Jonathan said that he felt uncomfortable with the fact that he was paying 100 percent of taxes, but only getting 60 percent of the rights he was entitles to. “The spread of the story really speaks to social media.” Jonathan’s story spread like fire, and thanks to his chutzpa, he raised awareness, and ultimately helped gays get the right to marry in the state of New York. Jonathan likes to call himself an “Accidental advocate.”
What’s it like being on Setup Squad?
  • ·         Jonathan said that the show is a great mix of Queer eye and Matchmaking. “We owe a lot to Queer Eye, but a fab outfit on a hot mess is still a hot mess.” He stressed the importance of communication skills, and no matter who it is; black, white, gay, or straight, everyone has the same problems.
Any tips for me?
  • ·         “Don’t be in a rush to grow up.” Jonathan stressed the importance of not being “young, dumb and easy. Use everything that happens to know the man you want to be.”
How do you feel about masculine and feminine roles in gay relationships?
  • ·         “(There are) Thousands of shapes and sizes of relationships. Modern family is one type, (but they) never touch; they are safe.
What are your most important causes?
  • ·         Broadway cares, Broadway bares (I NEED to go see this!), Gladd, Trevor project, Gay youth. “Gay kids are their neighbor’s kids.” Jonathan said that it is also important to spread visibility for the Ali Forney center, a safe house for LGBT youth.
What can people do to help?
  • ·         “There are 365 days in the year, do something to help every day.” Jonathan also said that we can send emails to PFLAGG, donate to LGBT fundraisers, and support Kenneth Cole fashion (who often runs positive LGBT ads). “Out is the new in.”
So what makes you a relationship person?
  • ·         Jonathan said that he is an extremely personal person. As a self-proclaimed home-body, Jonathan warned me that NYC is difficult for relationships because everyone is so career driven. “Being a relationship person gives balance; “(It’s nice) to wake up with the same person every morning.
Tell me about Schmackary’s cookies
  • ·         Jonathan’s boyfriend, an actor, started Schmackary’s cookies (his name is Zackary) because he found that he hated show business so much. He decided to quit his job in PR after his friends told him how amazing his cookies were and convinced him to sell them. “We both chose jobs that make us happy.” Visit to order cookies.
What is your favorite flavor?
  • ·         Jonathan’s favorites include the peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, and the Schmack Snacks.
* Schmack Snacks are essentially cookie dough in the shape of a muffin, I had a red velvet and moaned the entire time I ate it.

What are your favorite NYC stores and brands?
  • ·         “I love formfitting (clothes) that don’t look like Under Armour."  Jonathan loves Uniqlo, Buckler, Topman, and Zara. He likes to splurge on bracelets and cuffs, jackets, and high tops.
Favorite NYC clubs and restaurants?
  • ·         Jonathan like Sushi Samba, Vinyl which he calls his “Neighborhood Cheers”, and Churrascaria, “I am a meataholic.” Jon frequents Industry and the Timeout lounge, but says his favorite nighttime activity is five friends, drinks, and Pandora.

Thank you so much Jonathan! I had a great time and I really appreciated spending time and getting to know you better. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Confetti and Spikes

{Gap shirt and shorts, Forever 21 necklace, vintage cuff, Brahmin mag, Cole Haan shoes}
I wore this outfit on Saturday night to go out with my friends Anna, Maddie and Jordan. I hit up Gap's sale and did amazingly, I got these shorts because who doesn't need four dollar shorts? This shirt was purchased at the end of the summer. I am obsessed with the print! I haven't seen anything like it before, it is like a mix of confetti and the rice that people throw at newly married people. So essentially, this shirt is perfect for a wedding party. I haven't worn shorts in so long, I was immediately drawn to this color, and crazy shocked at how flattering the straight fit was.
Ive recently gotten into wearing neck adornments that aren't ties. I love brooches, and Ive been on the starting point of a necklace binge. I saw this cutie hanging on a wall at Forever 21. I immediately knew how I wanted to wear it and promptly checked out. I think the spikes are so adorable, and I loved the way they were designed, with one longer one hanging in the middle.
About to go out with Maureen, Anna, and Maddie. Happy Monday, its time for a cup of tea and pre-calc.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

In My Magical Bag

 I am currently having a slumber party with my friend Anna from Philadelphia, but I wanted to send out a quick post to all those people who say, "Why don't you just put your wallet in your pocket?" I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF THAT'S WHY. Here's an example of what is typically in my bag, more specifically what I brought in my Hérmes Kelly to Providence Style Week.
  1. Coach Leather case- I bring this with me everywhere. I use it as a sewing case; most importantly to house my Ginger sewing scissors that were a very special gift from my friend Anya
  2. Other Coach case- This case houses my Camera. I am petrified of breaking it
  3. Fashion Dictionary- My cousin Sharon who works for Eileen Fisher gifted me this book. I have read it cover to cover numerous times. It was written by Christian Dior. I love this old fashion, classical fashion rules and proverbs. It is also nice to read in Diors hand; his usage of language is so charming. 
  4. Cross pen- This pen came in a gift bag. I would never spend upwards of thirty dollars on a pen, butt I'm very happy to have it. 
  5. Cherry Chapstick- Why thank you Katy Perry
  6. Oops Stick- Essentially an off brand Tide to Go stick. I was in New York and spilled an entire cup of chocolate Fro-Yo on a white shirt. I spent twenty minutes squatting with my Oops stick and...Tah Dah! I was clean.
  7. My wallet- Boring right? I sort of want a funky wallet, but frankly, Id rather buy another purse. 
Its Lunch time, Have a happy Saturday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

C'est Rouge!

{Gap anorak, J Crew shirt, Dolce Vita brogues, Brighton belt}
 I wore this outfit to school yesterday. I wanted to post my current favorite shirt that I picked up at the J Crew outlet during Providence style week. Ive been wearing this shirt and my plaid French Connection mini collar shirt a ton. They are my favorites in my rotation right now. I paired the shirt with my go-to Fall jacket and cinched with waist with a belt that my mom gave to me as a I'm-sorry-school-sucks-but-you'll-get-through-it gift. I love the braided leather and swirled buckle. I think I need to get the buckle re-plaited; my mom and I both have the same belt! I felt like a sexy safari-ist. Theres nothing like a cinched waist and studded shoes to make you feel like a vamp!
I re-dyed my hair on Saturday night. It was first done on Thursday, but the color was brown with a bit of red and I wanted red with a bit of brown. I really like this color, but I think I want to go a shade lighter and a shade more orange. Finding the perfect hair color is so difficult, like I said, the life of a seventeen year old is filled with so many issues! I'm going to stick with this color for a while; its pretty in the sun/Ive already colored my hair twice last week and I think it needs a break. All for now, I have so much homework!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lunn by Lilith for Hello Boutique

I wanted to re-post the work I did for Hello Boutique in New Haven Ct. Check them out at Hello It’s almost Fall, and this blogger couldn’t be happier. Summer’s great, but nothing beats a crisp day, a yummy knit sweater, and mulled cider. It’s about time for the weather to change. This fall, fashion is at an all time. The brand Lunn, designed in France under the same company that also puts out the beloved, standby brand Lilith. As a newcomer to Lunn, I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but one look and I was sold. We shot these pictures on the stunning rooftop of Bespoke restaurant in New Haven. Thank you Bespoke, we had a fabulous morning. 
My model Jacy looks perfect dressed head completely in Lunn. On my first visit, I fell hard for this skirt. The print, the color, the shape…perfection. As if the skirt isn’t perfect enough to begin with, the top layer of plaid cotton is sliced and made into strips, giving the skirt a lovely, fashion carwash sense of movement and fluidity. Fanning out the skirt was just too tempting. I paired the skirt with a draped jersey cowl blouse, perfect dressed up, or down. This top is just as chic paired under a business suit as it is with a pair of jeans. This versatile mushroom grey color is a fresh and new way to wear neutral colors. The Lunn jacket is a Fall classic, just as comfortable as a sweatshirt, but eons more trendy and grown up. This look completed with Celine sunglasses and Marni heels is the perfect monochrome autumn look that can go from day to night.
I went nuts when I saw this coat. Between the jagged hem, dramatic full collar, and full skirted bottom, this winter staple by Lunn is the perfect way to make an entrance with little or no effort. I always love a statement coat. No purchase is more important in the winter; the coat is one piece of clothing that will be worn day-to-day. First impressions are the most important. I paired this coat with a blouse and skirt by Lunn. The Peter Pan collar and scalloped peplum update the classic plaid blouse. What would Fall be without plaid? It wouldn’t be Fall now would it. This skirt by Lunn is a great alternative to sweatpants, I kid you not, this skirt is made of the softest Jersey, and the loose and fluid shape makes for an unbelievably comfortable classic.
I am a firm believer in casual but not sloppy looks. This jacket is the shorter sister the previous coat. Like I said, I love a statement coat, but for a more practical and everyday look, this adorable jacket fits the bill. I love the mini peplum and the soothing oatmeal color way.  Paired with a yummy marbled knit by Lunn and the most amazing pants by Christopher blue, this look is perfect for running errands, shopping, and essentially every life situation that calls for comfort. I went crazy when I saw these pants for the first time. They are made of the most incredible corduroy; you would swear its velvet. The classic, straight cut works on all body shapes and sizes, and the super saturated color makes them a grown up version of yesterday’s corduroys. I topped off this on-the-go look with the perfect everyday bag my Lumi. The zippers and skinny straps make it feel special and different, while a pop of color from a hand painted silk scarf brings the whole look together. The luscious silk scarf is by Donyake. Worn with flats by Repetto.
Lastly, this layering piece from Lunn will soon be a go-to classic in anyone’s wardrobe. I styled this look on Jacy with classic equestrian elements. Black tights and timeless leather riding boots by Marc Jacobs give an effortlessly chic vibe. Cinching the waist lends a perfectly feminine feeling to any outfit; this belt is by Sita Murt. I love the skinny embossed leather; the belt is available for in-store purchase or over the phone. This layering piece would be amazing over jeans, corduroys, and slim trousers. It looks fabulous open, buttoned up, and belted; all in all, a really awesome investment piece. Worn above layered on top of a mesh tank top by Babette. As much as I love dark colors, this outfit was in dire need of a pop of color. Whoever made the rule about white after Labor Day is crazy, white is fabulous all year round. This tote by M0851 is a stellar way to mix white into your all-year wardrobe. I love the practical and utilitarian shape; this bag would most definitely get quite a bit of wear if it lived in my closet. I’ll definitely be jealous of whoever gets to snag this beauty. Fall is just around the corner and with these timeless and flattering pieces by Lunn, Fall will surely be the season of style! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this! It really got me in the mood for fall, and I am so excited to bust out my ever growing leather and fur collection, I'm so stoaked! All for now, I'm having so much fun with my red hair, pictures to follow!

Friday, September 16, 2011


{Michael Kors Leather bomber, Bibas shirt, Nicole Miller bowtie, Cynthia Vincent shoes, Calvin klein bag}
I was dying in the outfit! It was like 85 degrees, and this is thoroughly a fall/winter jacket. I was hardcore over heating, but it was such a good look. It was planned legitimately a week in advanced. I loved the monochrome with the navy bag and red bowtie. It was totally worth the overheating and possibility of fainting. I spent some time with Carolyn between/after the shows i went to, this picture was taken at the bookstore at Columbia University.
After the first show, I swapped my outfit a bit; I put on a Forever 21 top, Aldo brogues {eight hours in heels was enough} and I wore a Charles David patent and Ponyskin clutch.  It was still hot outside, but slightly more bearable with the T shirt.
Seeing Hamish Bowles was an amazing was to finish a day of fashion shows. He is unbelievably elegant, I an so envious of the halo of class and dignity that seems to follow his wherever he goes. All for now, I am swamped!
P.S. I dyed my hair rec

Monday, September 12, 2011

Joy Cioci SS12

On Friday night, i found myself in Lincoln Center, making my way through a crown of editors, buyers, and waiters. The shining beacon of hope? The Joy Cioci SS12 collection lay just ahead. I charged ahead and lost my breath. It is no secret that Spring/summer collection aren't necessarily my thing, but seeing chartreuse and purples and LEATHER. I knew it would all be OK. I chose my favorite ten looks to show, and it was no easy task. I love this ruffles yellow dress. As a designer, I can completely appreciate the difficultly of circular ruffles.
This look screams me. I love the muted black and gray color palate. The semi-sheer skirt is delicious, and I can see this look being super flattering on a myriad of women.
Again with the circular ruffles. I have so much appreciation for this difficult technique; I really need to work on my ruffle skills. On another note, the hair and makeup was fantastic, the 40's faux buns were expertly executed.
I think the sheer panels and Henley cut of this dress makes it seem more casual. Perfect thrown on with ballet flats for work and jazzed up with studded platforms. Perfect Day-to-Night.
This was definitely one of my favorite looks. I am all about denim, but with laser cut leather accents? Its just too good. The collar totally kills me. Its like super chic coveralls.
I think this look screams PTA meeting. t would be so easy to get a point across with that perfectly exposed slip of cleavage.  The classic Bouclé really lends itself to a more modern cut and new accents.
I loved every Chartreuse outfit, but none more than this. My jaw dropped and I simultaneously moaned so loudly when I saw this dress. It is possibly the most perfect dress I have seen in a very long time. This laser cut leather look stunning in the color, and I am so jealous of the woman who will get to wear this! I had such an amazing time, I would like to thank Joy Cioci for my ticket, and I cannot wait to see more!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Luca Luca SS12

On Friday I had the privilege of attending the Luca Luca SS12 show. It was so unbelievably amazing, I literally cant stand it. Right when the show was about to start, I sat in the fifth row {someone missed the show...guess who benefited?} I couldn't help but smile. I feel so lucky to be able to do the things that I do. Between designing, styling, and attending such amazing events, I feel humbled by what I have worked for and achieved. I want to bottle this feeling, the perfect mix accomplishment, humility, and indescribable appreciation. Anywho, back to the show. I took a ton of pictures, but why use fifth row pictures with people impeding my view when exists? I picked my favorite ten looks, and I am oozing with excitement to talk about them. The above look was a quick favorite. My love of pattern mix is no secret, and I am obsessed with these new headbands! I NEED to DIY one, they are so freaking adorable.
I have such a Lady Crush on the model. She is so stunning! Obsessed with her bowl cut as well. I love this dress so much; its a really amazing remake of classic Grecian/1970's looks. The side slits are genius, I love the center between-the-legs idea. This would be an amazing dress to wear whilst walking up to someone when you re upset; the flowing fabric would most definitely get the point across.
All about the sleeveless blazer. Chartreuse pants are always a plus too.
Hands down, favorite outfit of the show. The black monochrome is genius and I love the multi dimensional textures/sheerness/ essentially everything. Do you know who would look so beyond incredible in this outfit? That's right, me! I want those draped trousers so badly! Can you say Prom? I want these so badly! They would look so beyond with a Tux jacket. So perfect on so many levels.
More expertly mixed patterns; I LOVE those headbands. This whole collection feels so chill, I love the pants in this line above all else.
Obsessed with this model. Again, the cut and drape of the jersey is precise, no bullshit. Bare shoulders add a sexy touch, but in my mind, nothing is sexier than a high neckline.
The trousers again, I love the polka dot ones above, but my heart literally aches for the black ones. Obsessed with the mixed patterns; I really wish the world understood how to do this in real life.
The fabric-between-legs is so stunning. I really love this look on so many levels, predominately the off the shoulder bodice; shoulders are so under appreciated!
Can we talk about this? I die for this jacket! The embellishment is unreal, I stared this look down the runway so hard; between the belting and flounce, this is undeniably the perfect short sleeved jacket for warm weather. The pants are also to die, just a little slutty, except not at all.
Ombré polka dots? Literally having such a serious moment now. The front draping+mild cleavage is so unreal, I can see this gown being stunning on so many women with so many body types. To sum up this experience I would have to say that I left with a rejuvenated and enthusiastic enamored, obsessed, and drooling love for Luca Luca.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Species

Providence Style week was a blast. I cant believe its already over! A huge thank you to Richard Carbotti for the stellar seats, Patricia for driving me up and back twice, and Simona for staying with me on the top floor of a parking garage when my car died {the perfect ending to the perfect night}
{Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, Forever 21 oxford shirt, Bibas tie, Target pants, Vintage brooches, Pour la Victoire boots, Vintage Valentino bag}
Yet again, way too hot to wear this outfit, but again, who cares? I was/am very into this outfit. I really love the super preppy vibe of this look. This is one of my favorite shirts, but I almost never wear it! I jazzed up the super classic tweed blazer with a myriad of vintage brooches, if you couldn't tell I LOVE ME SOME BROOCHES. I loved carrying this bag so much, it is really so special. 
Patricia wore a BCBG tiered dress with Dolce Vita wedges. Isn't this picture hysterical? I cant tell if I look like a mutant giant or if Patricia looks like a doll, thats for you to decide.The height difference is just too damn good. All for now, I'm off to NYC for fashion week early tomorrow morning, happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

17 Going On 70

{Re-worked vintage suede vest, Hawkins McGill shirt, Vintage pin, Vintage Paloma Picasso bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots)
I wore this outfit to Carolyn's farewell dinner at the Teuche. I started the outfit with the boots, and then essentially, shit got real. I was searching for a bowtie, and coming up empty handed, I decided to throw on a brooch. I actually loved the look and found myself touching and playing with it all night. Its like a grandma on top, going to a typing class at the senior center, complete with vest, brooch, and sensible purse. The bottom is the body of a rebellious, sexless teenager who, when is in heels, runs like the wind through parking lots and such. The pose is a bit full-of-artichoke-dit-surfing-dancer, but besides that, I think I could pass for a trendy and active seventy year old. I'm totally into neck brooches, its on.
I bought the rights to Fringing on Obscenity, so when you come to your daily visit, because you all do, no need to type the blogspot part! Fun right? It's amazing what ten dollars and twenty minutes does on All for now, I have work to do before Senioritis kicks in. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can I um Have a Picture, You're Famous and All

I hate apologizing for not posting, so I wont. Instead, Id like to explain why I haven't been around computers. Between getting ready for school {senior year..eek} a photoshoot, freelance blogging, and being in and out of Providence for Style week, Ive been going crazy! Its nice to sit in bed and watch bad movies with Chinese food.
{French Connection trench and shirt, Vintage bow tie, Pour la Victoire boots, Hermes Kelly, belt from Hot Topic}
I wore this outfit to the last day of Style week. I attended Monday and Thursday with my mom, and Simona and I drove up on Saturday. I really wanted to go all three days without wearing my go-to dress up staples, most specifically, my Theory, French Connection, and D&G blazers. I paired my favorite FC shirt with my new trench. I love the quiet Ivy pattern and the mini collar. It was super warm, so the trench was a bit of an issue, but Ill never pass up suffering for fashion, I loved the look. I felt like inspector Gadget all night in my trench, I feel safe saying I made quite a statement and such, being that I blend in so well in six inch heels. I had amazing seats, but due to somewhat awkward seat angles, my pictures looked more illegitimate that normal, I thought I'd spare you all. There is only so much editing that can be done, I think Ill leave this one to the professionals.
Simona looked adorable {and quite sexy} in her mildly revealing French Connection dress. I love that it looks like tin foil. Paired with from what I hear are very uncomfortable double platform BCBG pumps. I'm jealous of the gushing compliments she got, maybe I should pick one up in my size...
So when I walked into the show, I saw this man and was like "Shut up I know him!!!" Two laps around the room and a diet coke it hit me, "He's from one Girl five Gays and the Setup Squad!" For those who done know, its an amazing show and I am obsessed. Like more than obsessed, but more on that later. Before I get on with the story, lets just establish that he is gorgeous, even more so in real life. I really hope I didn't squeal or blush too much during our encounters. As I was taking pictures with Simona I saw him walking to the bathroom, at which point I sheepishly {or as sheepishly as one can do so in platforms} trotted over to him and said, "Um Hi, You're from LOGO. I um love you so much, um can I have a picture?" I had half expected him to be like, "what?" HE WAS SO NICE! He hugged me and we got our picture. We spoke twice more through the night, he is so sweet, and it was great to hear about his LGBTQ causes. Its so great to meet people who are successful, but not obnoxious, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. I am literally getting up now so I can temporarily stop typing aka gushing.
Urgh I look like a damn cockatoo. It was such a pleasure to meet Jonathan Joseph Peters after the shows on Monday. His show was mind blowing last night, I loved every single piece.
Happy Labor Day, I need to finish my summer reading.