Monday, August 1, 2011


{French Connection jacket, Target shirt and pants, Banana Republic bag Hottopic belt, Lucky Brand shoes}
I wore this after pole dancing to get dinner and watch a movie with Carolyn and Simona. I went to Target last Friday and was blown away by the amazing sale. I fell hard for these skinny cargo pants (womens), and after wearing them once, decided I loved them so much that I bought another pair in green and also purchased the tan color as well. The fit is amazing, and on clearance for seven dollars, buying three pairs was a no brainer. I cant wait to wear them in the winter with chunky knits and leather jackets. Whilst shopping at Loehmanns in them, I realized that literally everything I tried on looked better with these pants. I am currently wearing them a I type this post. I also stocked up on pseudo vintage tee shirts. I got the one I am wearing in the picture, and the purple on from pole dancing. I didn't realize until afterwards that they are both beer shirts.
Carolyn and I bought the same outfit, we got jealous stares all day! I cut up/rolled her shirt to give it a more feminine vibe. We bought mens shirts and womens pants.
We also picked up these amazing Linea Pelle shoes. The beading is magnificent, and they jingle ever so slightly. The one downside is that the straps have a tendency to come out of the loops when not being worn. I have one of the straps on my car keys that that I can give it back to her, it detached from the shoe on Saturday night. All for now, time to edit some more photos.

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