Thursday, August 4, 2011 Cleaning

  Whilst obtaining the pictures from pole dancing off of my Blackberry, I decided to download everything and see what pictures I have taken in the past six months. The above photo is of a STUNNING Fox fur stole at TJ Maxx. I wanted it so badly, but sub-par fur harvesting and janky chemicals left a permanent odor.
I took this picture of Simona wearing legitimately every piece of winter clothing I own. I love here inability to lay her arms flat in there clothes
My hair has been an interesting project this year. It used to be long all over, but I got really sick of a bushy back-head. It got increasingly shorter all winter, its height of short-ness being here, where the bottom quarter of my hair was essentially shaved. I was inspired by Brandon Flowers, Adam Levine, and 1950's schoolboy haircuts. It was fun for a while, but the latest and most likely lost lasting incarnation is slightly longer in bottom and shorter on top. I loved the look of a really short back and sides with the long top, it is super versatile.
Maddie's favorite book is Great Gatsby, she even used it as  the theme for her graduation/birthday party! Ive had this tee shirt for a while, but I knew she'd appreciate it more. I surprised her by cutting it to her size, and adding the color from one of my old shirts. In the end, I ended up making it a shirt instead of a dress, and i added long black sleeves from another shirt. I felt kind of like a grave robber.
My favorite Pour La Victoire boots. I was so thrilled to have them, after waiting two months to actually buy them. I brought them straight home and took a picture on my bed.
Aren't these amazing! I know plenty of girls who need them very badly. My mom recently bought some at a boutique, but they're of fine lace instead of the jersey. Either way, I think they are ingenious.
When I got the Kelly, I kept it on my desk for inspiration. I am convinced it helped my grades.
I tried this Mink coat on at a consignment store last Spring. I am currently just more than mildly obsessed with the prospect of obtaining a full length fur coat.
The lovely Simona wearing one of my skirts from Tracy B's. The were made from mends button down shirts.
Maddie's mom reserved a page in the yearbook for Maddie and I. We took this picture in the hamptons, and the quote is so us.
Photos taken outside of Macy's when Justin Bieber came to promote his new fragrance. I have Bieber Fever, and I am proud to say it.

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