Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had a few orders to fill and Ive spent most of the week in the city
{Theory blazer, French Connection shirt, Pour la Victoire boots, Brahmin bag}
I wore this outfit to work on Tuesday and then out to drinks By out to drinks, I mean I am seventeen and went to Starbucks and drank five dollars coffees with some friends. I have wanted one of French Connections mini-collar shirts. I picked one up a few weeks ago with my denim jacket. The collars are so cute, they are about an inch wide. I wore mine again yesterday, not only do I love the collar, but the print and color is really classic and wearable. I see myself getting a ton of wear out of the piece. Notice there is no bowtie? I wanted to highlight the collar, so I wore it all the way buttoned up, which is something Ive wanted to try a la Frankmusik, and this is the first shirt Ive found looks good styled that way on me. The rest of the outfit was designed around the shirt, black blazer to draw the eye upwards to my neck-ish area, and the blue snakeskin boots because they are so damn cool. I wore them from 9-7. I am very happy with myself.
A mildly failed hairflip
Maddie and I essentially looking like a couple...hmmm 
Off to dinner in a somewhat questionable poncho, more on that later

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