Friday, August 26, 2011

Living in the Poorhouse

 So here I sit, manning the phones on my last day at French Connection. It is truly amazing how quickly ten weeks has flown by. I will miss is oddles and oddles, but I am so excited to get back on a normal sleeping schedule. I love Net-A-Porter. I especially love it when pronounced somewhat obnoxiously {predominately by me} NETAPORRRTAY! As a very fortunate, middle class teenager, I am going to do the unthinkable...complain about not having enough money. As amazing as Net-A-Porter is, I always leave the site feeling depressed, poor, and often times mildly depressed. Here goes it, my favorite picks for fall that I cant have. I would encourage reading on, maybe with a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Don't forget the tissues
1. Elizabeth and James' Rabbit and Goat jacket. Its just too good, who wants to pass up the opportunity to look like a high fashion swamp monster? Well I certainly don't. On the bright side, twelve hours after sourcing this photo, I scored the deal of the century. I bought a full length black rabbit coat for $25. More on the later though.
2. Alexander Wang's Diego bag in calf hair...just stop it now! I am so hungry and this bag looks yummy. The Rhodium studs and luscious calf hair are more than worth endless day of not being able to find things. I moan for this bag.

Mulberry's Bayswater in burgundy textured leather. My obsession with the Birkin is no secret; however, I love this similar shape. The hardware is perfection, and I love how the textured leather in this color looks like a pile of prunes. Did anyone else notice how companies are now calling prunes dried plums? Smart...but misleading
Alaia's ponyhair hiking boot. I don't hike, but I would love to own these. Popularized by Jane Aldridge, these look like they could withstand a solid amount of abuse. I would go hiking if I could have these...though it wouldn't be the first time. Remember my Sam Edelman Zoyla boots? they ripped during a rock climbing situation. Life should be designed around high heels, I am getting so fed up
Obsessed with Charlotte Olympa in all aspects. Her British-ness, island platforms, and her leopard-shoe-wearing-bride aspect. These are shit-kicking menswear inspired shoes, and I could strut to the death in these. WATCH OUT
Yves Saint Laurent cannot go wrong in my book. Another suede obsession with beyond amazing military aspects. These would be amazing for playing the Tuba, being a nutcracker, and doing military service. The mis-shaped "Palais" newly-born-deer-knees heel is another stunningly awkward element. I'm going to buy pants at Target now, thankyouverymuch.
Hope everyone stays safe in the Hurricane!

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