Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Like a Big Stick of Butter

{Michael Kors leather bomber, French Connection shirt, Social Collision jeans, Cynthia Vincent shoes}
Currently hating the fact that it is summer. I saw this jacket a couple weeks ago and the knit sleeve was ripped. Heartbroken, I walked away empty handed. I was in the city two weekends ago, and the starts aligned...I found a pristine one! It is made of the butteriest and softest leather. I am so excited to really wear this jacket in the fall and winter. I love the front cargo pockets and thick ribbed knit sleeves and waistband. 
Paired with my all time favorite summer shirt, just like packing up my fur vest, it will be hard to put this one away. This is precisely the reason I hate seasonal clothing. It really sucks to invest in nice clothing and then  only be able to wear it for part of the year. Sadly, these jeans are goners, I ripped them getting out of the car at Popeyes...Ive been wanting to try it for a while and finally took the plunge with Carolyn. I wore these platform wedges all day and they were so unbelievable comfortable. I am so happy to have them, they are just masculine enough for a few people to ask, "Are those men's shoes?" All for now, its past my bed time!

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