Friday, August 12, 2011


  {H&M shirt, Theory vest, Target pants, Sam Edelman boots, Thursday Friday bag}
Just Kidding. 
This tote was a gift from Maddie's mom Helen after one two many weekends spent rambling about the Birkin at her house. She bought one for herself too. I really like the bag, but I have a few mixed feelings. There has been a lot of talk, Hérmes actually sued the company. I love the functionality and the tongue-in-cheek aspect, but as a designer, I am always a bit wary of designer knockoffs of any kind. That aside, it was a wonderful gift, and I will undoubtedly be wearing it more in the future. This is the other colorway of my favorite target pants, I only bought one pair of this color, because the color is a tad strange and looks exactly like the color of my legs. The rest of the outfit is my example of just how summery I get, bright shirt, toned down everything else. Ever since my boss asked me to wear heels to work, I have been rocking them once a week. I am obsessed with these boots, and sadly, they're on their last leg. After sewing them up and polishing them, I feel confident saying that Ill get two or three wears and then they'll have to be retired. All for now, Carolyn is coming over to watch Heathers.

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