Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Weeks

{Perry Ellis jacket, Thomas Dean shirt, bowtie from Century 21, Target cargo pants, Joseph Aboud booties, Hermes bag} 
My third, and longest, internship with French Connection is over. I type with a bittersweet hand, I love everyone there, I'll miss being in New York everyday, but I am excited to sleep like a human being and do pointless teenage activities that don't involve Microsoft excel. For my last day outfit, I wanted to do a bit of a throwback. I wore this exact blazer and shirt combo on my first day of work in 2010. I am way sexier now, but I felt like sixteen year old me. The rest of the outfit, the army green pants and sand colored boots were worn to make the shirt pop, and the bag...well the bag is there for obvious reasons. 
The best way to end ten weeks of hard work; iced coffee and a cookie from Zaro's..and an Hérmes bag
Simona and I on the way to pick up pizza, wearing an Equipment shirt, Almost famous cargo pants, Hunter boot, and a French Connection bag. TAKE THAT IRENE
P.S. This is my summer home, like the tree?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Living in the Poorhouse

 So here I sit, manning the phones on my last day at French Connection. It is truly amazing how quickly ten weeks has flown by. I will miss is oddles and oddles, but I am so excited to get back on a normal sleeping schedule. I love Net-A-Porter. I especially love it when pronounced somewhat obnoxiously {predominately by me} NETAPORRRTAY! As a very fortunate, middle class teenager, I am going to do the unthinkable...complain about not having enough money. As amazing as Net-A-Porter is, I always leave the site feeling depressed, poor, and often times mildly depressed. Here goes it, my favorite picks for fall that I cant have. I would encourage reading on, maybe with a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Don't forget the tissues
1. Elizabeth and James' Rabbit and Goat jacket. Its just too good, who wants to pass up the opportunity to look like a high fashion swamp monster? Well I certainly don't. On the bright side, twelve hours after sourcing this photo, I scored the deal of the century. I bought a full length black rabbit coat for $25. More on the later though.
2. Alexander Wang's Diego bag in calf hair...just stop it now! I am so hungry and this bag looks yummy. The Rhodium studs and luscious calf hair are more than worth endless day of not being able to find things. I moan for this bag.

Mulberry's Bayswater in burgundy textured leather. My obsession with the Birkin is no secret; however, I love this similar shape. The hardware is perfection, and I love how the textured leather in this color looks like a pile of prunes. Did anyone else notice how companies are now calling prunes dried plums? Smart...but misleading
Alaia's ponyhair hiking boot. I don't hike, but I would love to own these. Popularized by Jane Aldridge, these look like they could withstand a solid amount of abuse. I would go hiking if I could have these...though it wouldn't be the first time. Remember my Sam Edelman Zoyla boots? they ripped during a rock climbing situation. Life should be designed around high heels, I am getting so fed up
Obsessed with Charlotte Olympa in all aspects. Her British-ness, island platforms, and her leopard-shoe-wearing-bride aspect. These are shit-kicking menswear inspired shoes, and I could strut to the death in these. WATCH OUT
Yves Saint Laurent cannot go wrong in my book. Another suede obsession with beyond amazing military aspects. These would be amazing for playing the Tuba, being a nutcracker, and doing military service. The mis-shaped "Palais" newly-born-deer-knees heel is another stunningly awkward element. I'm going to buy pants at Target now, thankyouverymuch.
Hope everyone stays safe in the Hurricane!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


{Adrienne Vittadini cape/poncho/hoodie, H&M top, Pour la Victoire boots, Vintage clutch} 
I wore this outfit out last Saturday. I had purchased the cape the day before, and I most certainly could not wait until fall to wear it. I blasted the air conditioner in my car on high in order to wear it, and once I exited the car, it lasted only a few minutes before I over heated. I hesitated when trying it on, as cool as it is, I am not exactly sure how often I will wear it. It would be impossible to wear with a backpack, eliminating school, so im left with chilly weekend...when my arms can be partially exposed. Regardless, its pretty banging, and I am stoaked to add it to my arsinal of mildly impractical cold weather staples.
I wanted to style this poncho with something simple {and not too warm}. I liked the sailor-ish, nautical vibe of the striped top, which I played with further by adding the striped clutch. Lastly, I threw on my favorite ankle boots to pick up with silver buttons. I am always conflicted about items like this poncho. It is dramatic, fashionable, and interesting...but how many times will I actually get to bust it out? I know I go on and on about investment buying, and thats what leaves me in somewhat of a pickle when I buy pieces like this. Luckily, I snagged this piece marked down.
Food for thought. All for now, its bedtime.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had a few orders to fill and Ive spent most of the week in the city
{Theory blazer, French Connection shirt, Pour la Victoire boots, Brahmin bag}
I wore this outfit to work on Tuesday and then out to drinks By out to drinks, I mean I am seventeen and went to Starbucks and drank five dollars coffees with some friends. I have wanted one of French Connections mini-collar shirts. I picked one up a few weeks ago with my denim jacket. The collars are so cute, they are about an inch wide. I wore mine again yesterday, not only do I love the collar, but the print and color is really classic and wearable. I see myself getting a ton of wear out of the piece. Notice there is no bowtie? I wanted to highlight the collar, so I wore it all the way buttoned up, which is something Ive wanted to try a la Frankmusik, and this is the first shirt Ive found looks good styled that way on me. The rest of the outfit was designed around the shirt, black blazer to draw the eye upwards to my neck-ish area, and the blue snakeskin boots because they are so damn cool. I wore them from 9-7. I am very happy with myself.
A mildly failed hairflip
Maddie and I essentially looking like a couple...hmmm 
Off to dinner in a somewhat questionable poncho, more on that later

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Like a Big Stick of Butter

{Michael Kors leather bomber, French Connection shirt, Social Collision jeans, Cynthia Vincent shoes}
Currently hating the fact that it is summer. I saw this jacket a couple weeks ago and the knit sleeve was ripped. Heartbroken, I walked away empty handed. I was in the city two weekends ago, and the starts aligned...I found a pristine one! It is made of the butteriest and softest leather. I am so excited to really wear this jacket in the fall and winter. I love the front cargo pockets and thick ribbed knit sleeves and waistband. 
Paired with my all time favorite summer shirt, just like packing up my fur vest, it will be hard to put this one away. This is precisely the reason I hate seasonal clothing. It really sucks to invest in nice clothing and then  only be able to wear it for part of the year. Sadly, these jeans are goners, I ripped them getting out of the car at Popeyes...Ive been wanting to try it for a while and finally took the plunge with Carolyn. I wore these platform wedges all day and they were so unbelievable comfortable. I am so happy to have them, they are just masculine enough for a few people to ask, "Are those men's shoes?" All for now, its past my bed time!

Friday, August 12, 2011


  {H&M shirt, Theory vest, Target pants, Sam Edelman boots, Thursday Friday bag}
Just Kidding. 
This tote was a gift from Maddie's mom Helen after one two many weekends spent rambling about the Birkin at her house. She bought one for herself too. I really like the bag, but I have a few mixed feelings. There has been a lot of talk, Hérmes actually sued the company. I love the functionality and the tongue-in-cheek aspect, but as a designer, I am always a bit wary of designer knockoffs of any kind. That aside, it was a wonderful gift, and I will undoubtedly be wearing it more in the future. This is the other colorway of my favorite target pants, I only bought one pair of this color, because the color is a tad strange and looks exactly like the color of my legs. The rest of the outfit is my example of just how summery I get, bright shirt, toned down everything else. Ever since my boss asked me to wear heels to work, I have been rocking them once a week. I am obsessed with these boots, and sadly, they're on their last leg. After sewing them up and polishing them, I feel confident saying that Ill get two or three wears and then they'll have to be retired. All for now, Carolyn is coming over to watch Heathers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Life of an Intern/Blogger

I wore this outfit to work earlier this week and almost squealed when my co-worker said I looked like James Dean
{French Connection top and jacket, Aldo brogues, Regina bag)
I know, a pretty simple outfit, but I was dying to take some of my new FCUK buys out for a test run. I did very well with my employee appreciation discount, not to mention the amazing Fall staples I am dying to debut from Loehmanns. I can say for sure that I will not be shopping for a while. Anywho, I bought the tee shirt because I love my black and gold one from them so much that I thought it necessary to purchase a stand it. I need to get more pictures of it, the obscure print is awesome. I got another button down that I cant wait to blog, it has a super narrow "mini" collar. My favorite FCUK buy was this denim jacket, by far. I sized down for the perfect slim fit. I loved it with the simple shirt, but I cant wait to wear it in the Fall with dark knits and oversized, chunky snoods.
{H&M top, Topshop pants, Kate Spade bag, Target sunglasses and clogs}
This is my co-intern in the Merchandising department Rachel. I am just more than mildly obsessed with her...just kidding, it is clearly more than that. Shes from Colorado...isn't that exotic?
I went to the McQueen exhibit with Patricia, Maddie, and Maddie's friend Cecily. We waited for 31/2 hours, and it was so worth it. Maddie bought this Alexander McQueen shirt at Loehmanns after the exhibit, and I styled it with a french Connection crinoline and my old woven belt from urban outfitters.
To conclude, a somewhat unrelated picture of an out-of-this-world heirloom tomato salad from Recipe on the Upper West side.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Posing in a Window on 72nd Street

{French connection shirt. Tommy Hilfiger tie, Social Collision jeans, Unknown bag, French Connection patent leather shoes}
I wore this outfit (2?) weeks ago to work and then to meet up with my friend Ally. After dinner, we went and trolled the stores near the 72nd street subway stop. I love the  Barneys Co-op, Urban Outfitters, Loehmanns, Stuart Weitzman, and is youre Ally Marino....Sephora.

{Marc by Marc Jacobs silk top/vest, 3.1 Philip Lim dress, Mui Mui bag, Chanel shoes}
I realize that I personally picked out her outfit, but I have regrets, being that this ensemble put me to shame. I caught a glimpse of the silk Marc Jacobs situation and it was love at first sight. She said she was unsure of how to wear it and I was ready for the challenge. This perfect tee shirt dress is actually the slip to an amazing 3.1 Philip Lim crocheted dress.
In retrospect, I am so happy we took these pictures in this awesome alcove above Urban Outfitters, because as soon as we walked out there was a freak terrenttial rain storm. We stood huddled, somewhat unsure of what to, at which point I regretted that I wore/picked out for Ally to wear such nice outfits. Luckily, we walked three feet and stood under a bus stop, which is ironic because that morning, I had been interviewed by a news station about crap train schedules and the poccibility of needing to take a bus, to which I responded....I dont take buses. Needless to say my interview didnt make it to TV.
  Currently just more than mildly obsessed with Ally's skin tone and the pink lipstick I forced onto her lips during our forty minute Sephora binge. All for now, I'm really thirsty, and I'm very into the idea of water.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spring..um...Summer Cleaning

  Whilst obtaining the pictures from pole dancing off of my Blackberry, I decided to download everything and see what pictures I have taken in the past six months. The above photo is of a STUNNING Fox fur stole at TJ Maxx. I wanted it so badly, but sub-par fur harvesting and janky chemicals left a permanent odor.
I took this picture of Simona wearing legitimately every piece of winter clothing I own. I love here inability to lay her arms flat in there clothes
My hair has been an interesting project this year. It used to be long all over, but I got really sick of a bushy back-head. It got increasingly shorter all winter, its height of short-ness being here, where the bottom quarter of my hair was essentially shaved. I was inspired by Brandon Flowers, Adam Levine, and 1950's schoolboy haircuts. It was fun for a while, but the latest and most likely lost lasting incarnation is slightly longer in bottom and shorter on top. I loved the look of a really short back and sides with the long top, it is super versatile.
Maddie's favorite book is Great Gatsby, she even used it as  the theme for her graduation/birthday party! Ive had this tee shirt for a while, but I knew she'd appreciate it more. I surprised her by cutting it to her size, and adding the color from one of my old shirts. In the end, I ended up making it a shirt instead of a dress, and i added long black sleeves from another shirt. I felt kind of like a grave robber.
My favorite Pour La Victoire boots. I was so thrilled to have them, after waiting two months to actually buy them. I brought them straight home and took a picture on my bed.
Aren't these amazing! I know plenty of girls who need them very badly. My mom recently bought some at a boutique, but they're of fine lace instead of the jersey. Either way, I think they are ingenious.
When I got the Kelly, I kept it on my desk for inspiration. I am convinced it helped my grades.
I tried this Mink coat on at a consignment store last Spring. I am currently just more than mildly obsessed with the prospect of obtaining a full length fur coat.
The lovely Simona wearing one of my skirts from Tracy B's. The were made from mends button down shirts.
Maddie's mom reserved a page in the yearbook for Maddie and I. We took this picture in the hamptons, and the quote is so us.
Photos taken outside of Macy's when Justin Bieber came to promote his new fragrance. I have Bieber Fever, and I am proud to say it.

Monday, August 1, 2011


{French Connection jacket, Target shirt and pants, Banana Republic bag Hottopic belt, Lucky Brand shoes}
I wore this after pole dancing to get dinner and watch a movie with Carolyn and Simona. I went to Target last Friday and was blown away by the amazing sale. I fell hard for these skinny cargo pants (womens), and after wearing them once, decided I loved them so much that I bought another pair in green and also purchased the tan color as well. The fit is amazing, and on clearance for seven dollars, buying three pairs was a no brainer. I cant wait to wear them in the winter with chunky knits and leather jackets. Whilst shopping at Loehmanns in them, I realized that literally everything I tried on looked better with these pants. I am currently wearing them a I type this post. I also stocked up on pseudo vintage tee shirts. I got the one I am wearing in the picture, and the purple on from pole dancing. I didn't realize until afterwards that they are both beer shirts.
Carolyn and I bought the same outfit, we got jealous stares all day! I cut up/rolled her shirt to give it a more feminine vibe. We bought mens shirts and womens pants.
We also picked up these amazing Linea Pelle shoes. The beading is magnificent, and they jingle ever so slightly. The one downside is that the straps have a tendency to come out of the loops when not being worn. I have one of the straps on my car keys that that I can give it back to her, it detached from the shoe on Saturday night. All for now, time to edit some more photos.