Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Fold it Over

   {Urban Outfitters hat, Sovereign Code shirt, Social Collision jeans, Mea Shadow shoes, Nicole Miller bag}
I wore this outfit on Saturday night to get Ecuadorian food and a movie with Carolyn. If you live in Ct, or will be visiting, you have to go to Charcoal Chicken in West Haven. The restaurant isn't a looker, but the food is unbelievable. Carolyn and i didn't talk for a while, because the food was so amazing. I actually wore this shirt during the day and changed...i also wore it a couple days before to work. It is literally my favorite shirt, it is perfect in so many ways. I love the tabbed buttons and random snap-instead-of-button towards the bottom of the shirt. The roomy fit is so great, on days when I am feeling a bit bloated, no one can tell, and when I'm down a few pounds, its like "whoa, this shirt is huge!!!" Overall, an amazing top.
I was super excited to get these shoes out again. They are so beautiful, and when I'm walking fast, the heel seems to disappear and it looks like I am walking on nothing. I just got them back from the cobbler; the heel caps got ripped off, thanks to the cobblestone courtyard of my school. It's good to have them back. They're a bit hard to drive in, but Ive gotten pretty good between Saturday night, and then having to wear them on Sunday because I forgot to pack other shoes in my overnight bag. I really love them, but I could do without running errands in them. This is the same Nicole Miller bag as my last post; the straps come off, and I LOVE it as a clutch. The leather is so stunning when it's folded over. I threw on the hat as an afterthought; Ive been trying to wear it more seeing as i schlepped it to Paris and never ended up wearing it. All for now, I'm starving and it is so completely lunch time.

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