Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have wanted to try pole dancing for a very long time. About a month ago, I told my mom that I was thinking of staying late one night in the city and taking a class at Crunch fitness...she said no....She wanted to go! After a couple weeks of research, the Girl Spot, in Trumbull Ct was the winner.
It was amazing! I went with my mom and Carolyn, and we had a ball. The one downside is that the class was barefoot. We put on heels to pose for the picture.
I am so sorem it hurts a little to breath. We learned a butterfly circling-the-pole  move, and we learned the fireman down-the-pole spin.
Carolyn looked so good in Lucite stripper shoes. I hate to say it but her butterfly was better than mine...but I creamed the class with my "sex" walk, hairflip, and pole spin.
Just like I expected, Patricia was amazing, thanks to her extensive dance background. I have to say that seeing my mom trying to act sexy on a huge gold pole was a tad strange.

After I got dressed, the instructor asked to take a few pictures with me, please excuse the poor photo quality of all of these pictures, I forgot my camera and used my Blackberry. I was getting ready to pose, when she asked me to move over. She said, "Just a second, let me get into place...ok, I can stay here all day." I was blown away, here body was SICK!
By far the best picture ever taken! I want to say thank you to the Girl Spot, I really appreciate to honor of being the first ever male student! I highly recommend them, and this will definitely not be my last time on a pole!

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