Friday, July 29, 2011

Can We Talk About This?

Amazing. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these Jeffrey Campbell shoes. As much as I love these, and I do, I cant help but think back to other shoes that must have inspired this shoe. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, but these shoes may look a little too familiar. That is not to say that these may not end up in my closet; the shape is amazing, and at under $200, they aren't badly priced at all for a shape that would typically be reserved for couture shoes. 
 So the obvious connection is THE Nina Ricci shoe. I love this shoe, and will forever mourn the fact that I cant wear them....
Like him. This is Martin Cohn, for those who have not heard of him. He is a model, and his usage of androgyny is breathtakingly inspirational. He also says these shoes are quite comfortable, Ill take his word jealously. 
I am still just more than mildly obsessed with all of the versions of this Alaia shoe. Black suede is a weakness of mine. 
The maryjane aspect of these shoes also reminds me of almost every pair of Daphne Guiness' shoes {She also has those Nina Ricci boots} Writing this post is filling me with quite a bit pf jealousy.
{Photo credit-solestruck, fashiondes,mustownmore, justjenesaisquoi, likeigiveafrock, kaboodle}
I saw these Paris Hilton boots today when i was out shopping. I have been on the search for the perfect high heel black suede ankle boot. I want plain, nothing on it, and I tried these on, and to my dismay, I sort of loved them. The shape is perfection, but I have a few beef's. I want suede, I'm not a fan of the patent striping, and I am frankly a bit wary of front seamed boots after ripping my Sam Edelmans. My biggest problem is the pink sole...for obvious reasons. All for now, I have to get up mom and I are trying pole dancing!

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