Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have wanted to try pole dancing for a very long time. About a month ago, I told my mom that I was thinking of staying late one night in the city and taking a class at Crunch fitness...she said no....She wanted to go! After a couple weeks of research, the Girl Spot, in Trumbull Ct was the winner.
It was amazing! I went with my mom and Carolyn, and we had a ball. The one downside is that the class was barefoot. We put on heels to pose for the picture.
I am so sorem it hurts a little to breath. We learned a butterfly circling-the-pole  move, and we learned the fireman down-the-pole spin.
Carolyn looked so good in Lucite stripper shoes. I hate to say it but her butterfly was better than mine...but I creamed the class with my "sex" walk, hairflip, and pole spin.
Just like I expected, Patricia was amazing, thanks to her extensive dance background. I have to say that seeing my mom trying to act sexy on a huge gold pole was a tad strange.

After I got dressed, the instructor asked to take a few pictures with me, please excuse the poor photo quality of all of these pictures, I forgot my camera and used my Blackberry. I was getting ready to pose, when she asked me to move over. She said, "Just a second, let me get into place...ok, I can stay here all day." I was blown away, here body was SICK!
By far the best picture ever taken! I want to say thank you to the Girl Spot, I really appreciate to honor of being the first ever male student! I highly recommend them, and this will definitely not be my last time on a pole!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Can We Talk About This?

Amazing. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these Jeffrey Campbell shoes. As much as I love these, and I do, I cant help but think back to other shoes that must have inspired this shoe. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, but these shoes may look a little too familiar. That is not to say that these may not end up in my closet; the shape is amazing, and at under $200, they aren't badly priced at all for a shape that would typically be reserved for couture shoes. 
 So the obvious connection is THE Nina Ricci shoe. I love this shoe, and will forever mourn the fact that I cant wear them....
Like him. This is Martin Cohn, for those who have not heard of him. He is a model, and his usage of androgyny is breathtakingly inspirational. He also says these shoes are quite comfortable, Ill take his word jealously. 
I am still just more than mildly obsessed with all of the versions of this Alaia shoe. Black suede is a weakness of mine. 
The maryjane aspect of these shoes also reminds me of almost every pair of Daphne Guiness' shoes {She also has those Nina Ricci boots} Writing this post is filling me with quite a bit pf jealousy.
{Photo credit-solestruck, fashiondes,mustownmore, justjenesaisquoi, likeigiveafrock, kaboodle}
I saw these Paris Hilton boots today when i was out shopping. I have been on the search for the perfect high heel black suede ankle boot. I want plain, nothing on it, and I tried these on, and to my dismay, I sort of loved them. The shape is perfection, but I have a few beef's. I want suede, I'm not a fan of the patent striping, and I am frankly a bit wary of front seamed boots after ripping my Sam Edelmans. My biggest problem is the pink sole...for obvious reasons. All for now, I have to get up mom and I are trying pole dancing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Fold it Over

   {Urban Outfitters hat, Sovereign Code shirt, Social Collision jeans, Mea Shadow shoes, Nicole Miller bag}
I wore this outfit on Saturday night to get Ecuadorian food and a movie with Carolyn. If you live in Ct, or will be visiting, you have to go to Charcoal Chicken in West Haven. The restaurant isn't a looker, but the food is unbelievable. Carolyn and i didn't talk for a while, because the food was so amazing. I actually wore this shirt during the day and changed...i also wore it a couple days before to work. It is literally my favorite shirt, it is perfect in so many ways. I love the tabbed buttons and random snap-instead-of-button towards the bottom of the shirt. The roomy fit is so great, on days when I am feeling a bit bloated, no one can tell, and when I'm down a few pounds, its like "whoa, this shirt is huge!!!" Overall, an amazing top.
I was super excited to get these shoes out again. They are so beautiful, and when I'm walking fast, the heel seems to disappear and it looks like I am walking on nothing. I just got them back from the cobbler; the heel caps got ripped off, thanks to the cobblestone courtyard of my school. It's good to have them back. They're a bit hard to drive in, but Ive gotten pretty good between Saturday night, and then having to wear them on Sunday because I forgot to pack other shoes in my overnight bag. I really love them, but I could do without running errands in them. This is the same Nicole Miller bag as my last post; the straps come off, and I LOVE it as a clutch. The leather is so stunning when it's folded over. I threw on the hat as an afterthought; Ive been trying to wear it more seeing as i schlepped it to Paris and never ended up wearing it. All for now, I'm starving and it is so completely lunch time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Purchases

(Vintage Shirt, vintage pin, Pour la Victoire boots, Nicole Miller bag, cuff)
I went to dinner last week with two of my best friends, Maddie and Simona. We went for Mexican, and on the way out, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of my summer investment pieces. I am more in love with my new boots after wearing them. They are unbelievable comfortable, and the sky high heel makes me feel a bit lightheaded, which is a great thing. I also love how the blue colored snakeskin is so unexpected, people usually don't notice the color until they see them closeup. I paired it with my favorite vintage denim shirt and skintight black jeans; I wanted a blank canvas. As I leaving my house, I threw on a vintage pin from my grandma, and my favorite cuff from Aldo. I love that it looks like four individual bracelets, but without the hassle.
I saw this Nicole Miller tote last May and fell in love. The shape, interesting studding, gorgeous grained leather, the hardware on the handles, essentially the perfect tote. I fell hard, but the price tag forced me to leave empty handed. I waited a month, and to my surprise, it went on sale. I left the store beaming, I am ecstatic to call it mine. Besides being the perfect tote, the handles come off and it is an adorable fold-over clutch. I am so happy with this purchase, because I know I will wear it forever. All for now, this heat is exhausting!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Before school ended, my friend Sara inquired about this dress from my Spring line. The sample was a little big, but after a few careful alterations, the dress fits beautifully. I am so happy to see my designs worn. Besides being happy that there is a demand for my clothing, and people want to spend money on them, it is even more rewarding to see my pieces in other people's closet, as opposed to hanging from the rack in my closet. I have also started a new business venture, inspired my Sara's mom. I am now a professional closet organizer/cleaner/wardrobe stylist {Take that Kim Kardashian}. I just did Sara's closet and it was so much fun. Shoot over an email if you're interested, have a great week!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready to go? Nope, Shower Poses

{Theory Vest, Custo Barcelona top, Social Collision jeans, Cynthia Vincent wedges, Vintage clutch}
I wore this outfit last Saturday night out on a date with my brothers girlfriend Carolyn, we also went to my brothers show at the Webster. I love this top so much, and it is always so much fun to pull it out from time to time. Sadly, there is a hole that I have to repair, tee shirt holes are the worst. Anywho, the top was for a funky element, and I added the vest for a more streamlined and pulled together look.
This one pair of jeans is my current favorite in my rotation. I love the lighter color, and like always with Social collision, the fit is impeccable. I wore these wedges {besides being more than mildly obsessed} because I wanted to wear a shoe I could stand for extended periods in. These are so comfortable, I would highly recommend any of Cynthia Vincents shoes, the craftsmanship is amazing. Lastly, Ive been wanting to wear this clutch for the longest time, it fits like nothing, but I am obsessed with the hard plastic exterior. All in all, a really good concert outfit. Shower posing is the best, I think I need a modeling agency ASAP.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier

When I was in Montreal, I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit with my friends Matt and Bryan. I was beyond incredible, and I would recommend EVERYONE go. 
As a designer and dressmaker, the thing that struck me most about the clothing, around 150 looks, most being Haute Couture, was the spectacular amount of detail and craftsmanship. It was a true pleasure to be able to go up close and see every stitch.
I love that with the gradated stripes, some of the feathers had to be dyed half way down
Look at the men's faces...they had projectors shining on the mannequin faces, it was unreal, and it added a whole new level of beauty ingenuity to the display of the clothing
This look reminded me of the bodies exhibit in NYC
I was obsessed with this hyper extended toe-over-wedge shoe...I got on the floor to take a picture
The lingerie section was my favorite (duh) and yes, this is THE Madonna corset
I bought the postcard-sized version of the picture, I cant wait to hang it. Have a stellar week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Obscenity in Montreal

It has been a while. Over the long weekend, I went to Montreal and stayed with two of my best friends, Matt and Bryan...aka...Auntie Matt and Auntie Bryan. It was amazing! I love the city, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit. Quick side note, my interview with PMc online magazine is up check it out here,
Back to Canada, this was one of the many spectacular views. 

Unreal breakfast of eggs Benedict and fruit skewers at L'avenue. Also good, this was one of the few places I got to speak French, which was a total plus. 
With Bryan and our friend Jon after dinner one night....Five Guys. I am literally the most cultured person I know.
At the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, there is a HUGE post in the works on this...AMAZING EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO
{H&M shirt, bowtie from Century 21, unknow tote, Urban Outfitters boots}
Auntie Matt 
I know this is a super short post, but I'm exhausted {I tried Birkam yoga for the first time and loved it} and I seriously need to go to bed. I picked up these adorable suede boots from urban Outfitters. I wore them today, they are more comfortable than sneakers, and for the first time in a while, I feel confident in saying that I made a sturdy, utilitarian purchase. All for now, its bedtime.