Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting, between exam review, the SAT's, and being sick, getting dressed up has not necessarily been my top priority. Anyways, last night, I went shopping/ and to dinner with Simona and our friend Sarah Teitelman...aka...Steits. It was so much fun! This was also the first time Ive been downtown in flat shoes in like three months.
{Re-worked vintage suede blazer, Forever 21 oxford shirt, vintage bowtie, Levi's jeans, Joseph Aboud boots, vintage Roni Berg bag}
I picked up these jeans last week, and I am obsessed with them. I love the patches and the lived-in feel. They're Levi's super skinny git, but I sized up, because I wanted something with a straighter fit as opposed to suctioned to my leg. It was my last day of classes, so I wanted to wear something really fun and interesting. Last week I thought I lost this bowtie and I almost started to cry, I think its my favorite vintage find ever. The only awkward thing about it clipping on is that sometimes Ill pass a mirror, its shifted, and its sideways.  I loved my Roni Berg bag as a clutch
Simona and I with a bag of Coffee cake from Claire's CornerCopia. Happy Saturday night, Ill be studying

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