Monday, June 6, 2011

Musically Dressed on Saturday Night

On Saturday night, I went to my friend Natalie's  a Capella concert. I thought it would be a really interesting fashionable challenge to see if I could accessorize the outfit I wore to the SAT's that morning and make it going out acceptable. 
{vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, Forever 21 shirt, Vintage pin, DIY feather brooch, Social Collision Jeans, Sam Edelman boots, Vintage bag}
As you would imagine, I wore this t-shirt and jeans to the testing in the morning. These jeans are new, the color is amazing. Its a little lighter than I usually go, but they have a beautiful beige undertone, and I love how that shade lends itself to {slightly} more rugged dressing. I have been accumulating a collection of black tee shirts, and this one is exactly the style I look for. I like black, but with some sort of faded/not recognizable pattern. I made the pin last year to wear to prom, its essentially what hairclips are made of, and I glued a pin backing on it. I am very happy with my project, I was definitely the most fabulous person at the concert, and one thing Ive noticed is that the more often I wear heels, the more comfortable I get, and then other people are more comfortable. How does everyone like the hair? I got it cut, and I decided to wear it curled out. I wore it curly today and everyone loved it, but I think I still prefer the straight bangs. 
PS. Notice my foot on the boot ripped! I think it happened when I jumped off of the rock wall-thing. I am so sad! These are some of my all time favorites. I really hope the cobbler can fix them. All for now, I need to study for my last two finals!

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