Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heels and Hay.....Not so Much

{Vintage Levi's vest, French Connection top, Social Collision jeans, Pour la Victoire boots, vintage clutch}
I wore this outfit last week to a grad party. I was really surprised when I was getting ready my mom commented on how awesome and bad ass my outfit was. I love this vest, I actually wore it today to work, it is such a fun and trashy piece, I really wish I knew who owned it before me. 
This top has proven to be one of my favorite purchases of the year. I really don't wear tee shirts, but I think the mix of the jet black heavy jersey and gold detailing makes it feel special and interesting enough to wear out. Its also great under blazers for warm weather {as I'm sure you have all noticed}
I have very mixed feelings about this bag, it was super cute on Saturday night, and everyone loved it, but I would rather carry my wallet in an 7 11 bag than wear it in NY. The bag is compiled of the Statue of Liberty and other NY landmarks. It was fun, but I think it may stay untouched for a while. 
I am so excited to post these boots and finally say they're mine! I bought these Pour la Victoire boots last weekend after a few months after pining over them I finally took the plunge for these stunning cobalt snakeskin beauties. Expect to see these soon; I am leaving for Montreal tomorrow at 7, and I cant wait to take these for a spin!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Gotta Push my Seat Back....I'm 6'2''

{Vintage Dior Tuxedo jacket, Armani Exchange shirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, BCBG quilted clutch}
I wore this outfit on Friday night to go to a party my friend Bianca was throwing. I really felt like dressing up, and I was ready for a challenge; my family and I are living at my summer house, and I had to create a party outfit with what was leftover at our other house. My closet is pretty barren, but I saw this jacket standing pretty much along. I was so excited, this is such a great piece, and it has taken me until now to figure out a way to make it a bit more casual. I rolled and cuffed the sleeves, and slipped this tee shirt under it. I haven't worn this shirt in a while, mostly because it is such a trashy piece. I love to go to Armani Exchange for evening shirts, they have great lustrous cotton button downs, I may have to do a post of just those shirts. I picked up this shirt almost as a joke, it is so trashy with the sequined logo. Nonetheless, I think its a fun piece, and I enjoy pulling it out from time to time. 
This clutch is amazing. I bought it for my mom when I was twelve or thirteen at the BCBG outlet. The quilting is stunning, and I love the leather wrapped closure. It also fits a ton and puts quite a few of my bags to shame. 
Just a quick shot from my daily commute; Dolce Vita studded brogues and my Vintage Fendi tote. All for now, have a good week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fried Rice?

(Kidrobot sweatshirt, vintage tee shirt, BDG shorts, Target socks, Cynthia Vincent Wedges)
I'm currently getting ready for a party (!!!) with Summer drinking tea and Simona in the shower. I wore this outfit last week to pick up a movie with my brother's girlfriend. After a hard days work, sometimes you need a fun outfit. I got this sweatshirt, literally the only one I will wear in real life situations...I don't believe in sweatshirts, at Century 21 a couple of years ago. It is quite controversial, some people like to think that the EYES are boobs, eggs, or hamsteaks. They are eggs, get over it. It was such a good purchase. 
I made these jean shorts out of a pair of bell bottoms. The bell bottoms were an impulse purchase, and the fact of the matter is that I wear exclusively skinny jeans. Simultaneously enjoying my amazing new wedges and some car posing. This picture was actually one of the more conservative ones, I got a bit carried away...I ended up on top of the car. I am literally Tyra Banks. I am loving being back in New York. I happen to have the best morning ritual (it is currently being copyrighted) I get off the train, take the Lady GaGa shuttle, eat double protein bread with creamy peanut butter, and then I listen to "Vogue" by Madonna and cross the street in the middle of the street. Every morning, I get to be Anne Hathaway for ten minutes...I love the Devil Wears Prada. All for now....Vintage Dior and hooker shoes tonight

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cynthia Vincent

So last Thursday, I went trolling for jobs. I figured, I love shopping, and therefore, why shouldn't I work at a store? Perfect, no? Anyways, one of the highlights of my day was stopping into a shoe boutique and after dropping off my resume, buying a pair of shoes. Although incredibly counterproductive, I fell hard for these Cynthia Vincent wedges, and i had to have them. They're super comfortable, and I love the masculine/feminine vibe they give off. 
I really love the gold leather lining, which is something that you wouldn't expect from such a simple and somber shoe. 
{Ben Sherman jacket, H&M top, Hermes Kelly, Cynthia Vincent wedges}
I wore this outfit to a grad party last Saturday. My friend Summer and I decided to have a little photo shoot before the party started
I think that the mix of stripes is really fresh. I want a whole striped wardrobe now! It was so much fun, and I will be definitely pulling variations of this outfit all summer!
It was really nice to get the Kelly out again. I haven't worn her since attending ArtExpo. Its one of those strange situations where I don't want to wear her too often because she is so special, but on the other hand, it would be a shame to leave her on a as a teenager is so difficult
My friends Summer and Chrissy looking adorable in dresses from Urban Outfitters and Jack Wills. All for now, I'm so tired! I adore working in the city, but the commute is brutal. Tomorrow the city will be crazy, Justin Bieber and Obama will be in Midtown, wish me luck!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shopping With Obscenity

I have started a new site, Shopping With Obscenity, or I wanted to clean out my closet, and sell some of my own designs. This zebra maxi dress is up for sale, along with some other of my pieces, more to come! Please check it out, and email me,, if you're interested in any of the pieces up for sale.
P.S. The link will be posted on the side bar, check back often for new items!

Searching For Employment

 {Perry Ellis jacket, French Connection shirt, bowtie from Century 21, French Connection shoes}
I wore this outfit on Thursday to go job hunting. It may look simple, but a great deal of thought was put into making sure that this outfit would make the perfect first impression. Obviously, a blazer was a necessity. I chose this light gray one to give a softer and more approachable vibe. The shirt was picked in order to show knowledge of spring/summer trends and patterns. I wore the bowtie and shoes to show my funky/fashion side. I wanted people to see my fashion sense from the moment I walked through the door. I dropped off a ton of resumes, and I'm hoping to hear back. If anyone knows of any weekend retail jobs, please let me know! I have o run, I'm working on a shopping website and packing up my clothes to move to my summer house, I'm swamped! Tomorrow is my first day back at French Connection, I can't wait!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stopped on 45th Street

(Vintage beaded vest. H&M top, Pour la Victoire boots, Regina bag)
I wore this outfit last Friday night to a Party in New York. Ive had this vest, formerly a jacket, for a while, and it finally felt like the right time to wear it. I was careful to wear it with only black, because it is such a flashy piece. I really enjoyed it, but frankly, I cant see myself wearing it anytime soon. Anyways, after the party, I ended up in times square with my friend Maddie and her friend looking for shorts. Last summer, Forever 21 stayed open until 2AM. I was super pissed that they changed and now close at 1. I banged on the door for like ten minutes. Luckily, American Eagle was open, and shorts were bought. I was flattered that a group of ten women stopped me on the street and demanded pictures with me. They loved my fierce ensemble.
{Vintage top and bag, Express dress, American Apparel tights}
I am typically quite awkward in normal social situations, and the day I took this picture was no exception. I was standing, waiting for the Lady GaGa shuttle train {I now refuse to take any others} and I saw this girl and hopped on the same shuttle car that she was on. I see a lot of great outfits daily, but I was drawn to her funky street style. I love the two-tone tights, joke shop glasses, and clever warm weather layering. All for now, I need to clean my studio and do some packing. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maddie, My Love

I have been excited to post this dress for some time. When my very good friend Maddie asked me to make her an end-of-the-year dress, I was very happy to oblige. We worked together closely to combine our favorite elements to create a fashion baby. I really wanted to use brocade, I had actually sourced this fabric at the beginning of the school, and black lace is a favorite of Maddie's. I created a few different options for fit, and we decided on an empire waist, and a tiered, cupcake inspired skirt. This cut is a bit more cutesy than I would usually go, but I think that the fabric choice balances it out.
I wanted each tier to be different. The top tier is brocade topped with lace, the second is scallop-edged lace atop a bubbled layer of lace, and the bottom is heavy, bubbled satin. I actually used a black bridal satin.
Worn with Forever 21 glitter pointy toe stilettos
The straps come together in the back and lace downwards to meet the skirt's zipper
 I made this dress for Maddie when I was a freshman in high school. She had ordered it to wear to her sister's Bat Mitzvah. I remember finding this fabric, falling in love with it, and knowing it was perfect. I love this shape for a dress, and it is a cut I still like to bring back today. The single crossing strap is something that I like to think of as one of my signatures.
All of these pictures were taken at Maddie's house in the Hamptons. I hope you like the dresses, these are some of my favorites! More posting to be done, sorry for being away for almost a week, I have lots of pictures from this weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whats My Prize? Sushi and Hooker Shoes

{Hawkins McGill vest, Sovereign Code shirt, bowtie from Century 21, Social Collision jeans, Mea Shadow shoes}
Today was prize day, the official last day of junior year {!!!}. I really wanted to wear a blazer, but it was so hot, and frankly, I was dying in just a vest. These shoes were so much fun today. I wore the most amazing shoes, by far. You know when you walk into a room and feel jealousy? OMG, so much today. Sadly, my school's cobblestone courtyard ripped off the heel tips. After a sushi lunch with my best friend Simona, her mom, and Patricia, I swapped these heels for a pair of patent brogues. I have to go finish my laundry, but I have tons to post after this weekend! Think the perfect party dress...and tons of sequins

Monday, June 6, 2011

Musically Dressed on Saturday Night

On Saturday night, I went to my friend Natalie's  a Capella concert. I thought it would be a really interesting fashionable challenge to see if I could accessorize the outfit I wore to the SAT's that morning and make it going out acceptable. 
{vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, Forever 21 shirt, Vintage pin, DIY feather brooch, Social Collision Jeans, Sam Edelman boots, Vintage bag}
As you would imagine, I wore this t-shirt and jeans to the testing in the morning. These jeans are new, the color is amazing. Its a little lighter than I usually go, but they have a beautiful beige undertone, and I love how that shade lends itself to {slightly} more rugged dressing. I have been accumulating a collection of black tee shirts, and this one is exactly the style I look for. I like black, but with some sort of faded/not recognizable pattern. I made the pin last year to wear to prom, its essentially what hairclips are made of, and I glued a pin backing on it. I am very happy with my project, I was definitely the most fabulous person at the concert, and one thing Ive noticed is that the more often I wear heels, the more comfortable I get, and then other people are more comfortable. How does everyone like the hair? I got it cut, and I decided to wear it curled out. I wore it curly today and everyone loved it, but I think I still prefer the straight bangs. 
PS. Notice my foot on the boot ripped! I think it happened when I jumped off of the rock wall-thing. I am so sad! These are some of my all time favorites. I really hope the cobbler can fix them. All for now, I need to study for my last two finals!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting, between exam review, the SAT's, and being sick, getting dressed up has not necessarily been my top priority. Anyways, last night, I went shopping/ and to dinner with Simona and our friend Sarah Teitelman...aka...Steits. It was so much fun! This was also the first time Ive been downtown in flat shoes in like three months.
{Re-worked vintage suede blazer, Forever 21 oxford shirt, vintage bowtie, Levi's jeans, Joseph Aboud boots, vintage Roni Berg bag}
I picked up these jeans last week, and I am obsessed with them. I love the patches and the lived-in feel. They're Levi's super skinny git, but I sized up, because I wanted something with a straighter fit as opposed to suctioned to my leg. It was my last day of classes, so I wanted to wear something really fun and interesting. Last week I thought I lost this bowtie and I almost started to cry, I think its my favorite vintage find ever. The only awkward thing about it clipping on is that sometimes Ill pass a mirror, its shifted, and its sideways.  I loved my Roni Berg bag as a clutch
Simona and I with a bag of Coffee cake from Claire's CornerCopia. Happy Saturday night, Ill be studying