Monday, May 2, 2011

Pedal Pushers

 {Theory vest, vintage shirt, Social Collision pedal pushers, Aldo brogues, vintage Fendi bag}
I wore this outfit sometime last week. I've posted these individual items to death, but I wanted to show the world that from time to time, I do wear shorts. Of course, I had to have shorts made by my favorite jean company. I'm going to need a new pair of these soon, the black is staring to fade. I just don't think that shorts have the same polish that pants do. I prefer covered body parts; pants are more me. That is not to say that I may not wear a couple more pairs this summer.
Notice the change in scenery? I decided to start taking some of my pictures in my kitchen. My mom just bought this table, isn't it cute? The re-soled Aldo shoes have proved to be worth the cash. The cobbler polished them too, they look like new. P.S. I am wearing socks. O hate when people wear leather shoes and oxfords without socks...that's gross. I wear little socks and fold and tuck them into the shoes. Happy Monday, I really need to do my homework.

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