Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweatshirt and Uggs

{DKNY jacket, H&M knit, vintage tee shirt, social collision jeans, Bass driving loafers, French Connection scarf}
This may not be my most exciting outfit, but I have an important PSA. I don't believe in sloppy. I wore this outfit on Sunday to go to a casual Mother's day cookout. I hadn't gotten dressed that day, and in such a scenario, most people would have thrown on a sweatshirt, sneakers, or Uggs, but not me. Although the word "comfortable" drives me crazy in a bad way, I think it is important to have some comfortable basics to throw on as a sweatshirt/sweatpants alternative. I find that long sleeve tee shirts, lightweight knits, cotton bomber jackets, and driving loafers or ballet flats are great for this purpose. It never hurts to heap on a scarf or toss on a necklace. Remember, the goal is casual but not sloppy. Just like getting dressed up, the most important element is retaining a sense of persona and individuality in any and every outfit...hence the polka dots.
I think that sleeves are of huge importance. A long sleeve top, even with the sleeves rolled up, looks more pulled together and polished than short sleeves do. I am obsessed with this color, I was so excited to find this sweater marked down to like eight dollars over the summer. I love buying clothing out of season, as painful as it may be waiting to wear it, the savings are well worth it.  I hope that that these ideas and gameplans will inspire more pulled together and stylish casual outfits! Enjoy spring, I'm praying that the pollen count will go down.

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