Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Shoes {!!!}

On Saturday morning, and by morning I mean early afternoon, my mom and I looked at each other and asked, "Where should we go?" After doing my hair and getting dressed, we hopped into the car and went off to lunch. From there we got together our strategy. First, a quick stop at Loehmanns to take advantage of double coupons, which was frankly done in vain being that I am horribly spoiled by the Loehmanns in Chelsea. Next, we went to the Marshalls shoe megashop in Westport, which is AMAZING, they only have shoes and handbags. Lastly, we went to Ente's in Trumbull .
I got these stunning shoes by Mea Shadow. At first I thought they were nice, but when I tried them on, I fell hard. The island platform is beautiful, and I really love that it has work boots-like trek on it. It helps to balance the pin-thin heel. 
The heels themselves are so cool. The metal is super shiny, and for some reason, I have no problem balancing on the super thin heel. I usually teeter a little bit on such thing heels, but there are like a dream. 
The leather is super buttery, and the draped/buckled effect gives them tons of interest. The best part is the footbed. There is like a full inch of padding in them, they are beyond the most comfortable heels I own. I didn't completely break my shopping diet, I paid for them in part with a giftcard. 
{Photo credit-netaporter}
Another fun thing that I realized when I got home, my new shoes have a similar shape to the Burberry Prorsum shoe of the season. I am all for high cut pumps.
I gasped when we walked into Ente's...They had the Chameleon heels! These shoes are so cool, they are mounted on a three inch heel, and whilst walking to work, or if your feel get tired...
The heel cracks and tucks under itself! the heel goes from three inches to an inch and a half. I love this idea so much, especially for New York, where walking is everything. 
Patricia did very well at Ente's, they have such beautiful shoes, and they stock sized 4-12. Mom got these stunning Stuart Weitzman sandals. I love the patent, and how the shiny-ness lends a really modern take when mixed with the architectural triangle cut out heel. 
She also got these red Versani stunners. I picked out these pairs, because I think a red shoe should always be an integral part of every womans shoe repertoire. I also have really fond memories of these shoes, because she wore them in gold to my Bar Mitzvah.
I like the gold, but I much prefer the red ones. Happy Monday, I really hope the pollen count goes down.

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