Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Apologies Joan Rivers...

I love the fashion police, but I have a bone to pick. This past week, they named Katy Perry worst dressed...in this Castelbajac dress!
Are you kidding me?? Really?!?!?!?? I think this dress is gorgeous. I realize I am a bit biased, being that Jean Charles de Castelbajac is one of my favorite designers, and I loved this whole line, but this dress is a real piece of art! Maybe the fashion police needs some glasses, I know that my prescription needs a tune up after eight months. I may have not worn the blue shoes, but this dress is stunning. I really appreciate that she respected the original styling by wearing it with opaque black tights. Keep it going Katy!
(Photo credit- Style.com,upscalehype}
Yet again, the show in Paris was so beyond. I keep re-watching it on Youtube, and I still get chills. Its amazing how much music effects shows and cinema. Katy looked beautiful at the show, it was so smart of her to wear her signature blue wig, it made her noticeable from across the tent. How hot are those shoes!?!?!?
Remember when I said I wanted to own a piece of Castelbajac? Apparently, I have been wearing his designs since I was thirteen! My mom bought these ties for my brother and I to wear to a Bar Mitzvah. They have lived in my dads closet for a couple of years, and I have relocated the one on the right to my wardrobe. It has really amazing velvet details appliqued to the silk. I am so excited! Its so strange to think that the "face" ties that my family always refers were designed by none other than Jean Charles de Castelbajac.
Happy Hump-day! I'm off to go watch the Good Wife and finish some dresses

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