Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miss Royal America

Last Sunday, I hopped into my 1990 Mercury Tracer wagon and drove 29 miles Hartford. My model/friend, Cara Cama, also known as Miss New England teen, participated in Miss Royal America. I was very flattered when she asked me to dress her for the modeling section of the competition. She came for a fitting with her mom, a couple weeks ago, and I had laid out ten dresses in my studio. It was not surprising, however, that she ended up choosing this Fringe by Jacob Shanbrom dress that I had archived from two winters ago. I love this piece, and I feel confident that it is one of my top three favorite pieces I have ever made. I added a band of organza to the bottom to make it a little more teen pageant appropriate. My girl was stellar, she took first place in modeling {wearing my dress!}, 3rd runner up in photogenic, the academics award with $1000 to put towards college, and she won the all encompassing title of Miss Teen Royal America. I am so proud!
{Theory blazer, H&M shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, Aldo brogues, Mariella Burani bag}
I bought this shirt on Friday. I love it so much, I have a thing for plaid and checks, but in person, the color is more of a watermelon red as apposed to a primary red. I had such a hard time getting dressed, this was like my fourth outfit. Little did I know that people don't get dresses up to go to pageants.
I did very well at Aldo's sale. I ordered eight pairs and kept three. I really like this pair. I love the ombré effect of the gray shoe with the darker toe. They're super comfortable, and they go with everything in my closet.
On a completely unrelated note, I am on a shopping diet. I decided that the best way to go about it would be to merchandise my clothes and closet to make everything look newer and more appealing. I started with shoes. I organized all of my heels and boots on the floor.
This shelving column had previously housed women's shoes I had bought for photo shoots and fashion shows. I stocked the shelves with oxfords and brogues.
Casual shoes and sneakers went into canvas pocketed wall hangings units
Bags all stacked on Velcro hooks
I stocked vintage bags in my bookshelves
The Persian Lamb muff was a gift, Vintage Valentino crocodile bag from Roni Berg, and My grandmother wore these Herbert Levine crystal heel shoes on her honeymoon. 
Happy Humpday!

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