Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kelsey McCray Wearing Jacob Z Shanbrom

I am so excited to finally post this dress. I have been working on it since February, and it is such a relief to see it finished and being worn! Now, in painstaking detail, I am going to describe why it took seventy-five hours to make. The body of the dress was cut in heavy satin, and then on top, each stripe is actually an individually pleated strip of Organza that had to be sewn, pressed, fitted over a dress form, and then hand sewn down. The large flower is made of Organza petals that were all double layered, sewn, pressed, pleated, and then arranged and hand sewn into the flower pattern. The very inside was hand beaded with black crystals. Under the skirt is a layer of lining, tulle, a bubbled layer of lining and Organza, and then the skirt on top. Also, hemming the bottom of the skirt, which is about six yards of fabric, took quite a while; Organza is so slippery.
The back is also covered in the diagonal, double faced strips of fabric. The side in the picture is actually where the zipper was sewn. Sewing invisible zippers properly was one of the hardest thing I have ever learned. Curved seams help to give a nice line to the overall silhouette.
The bag is made of bronze and black woven tapestry brocade. It is lined in the reverse color way, silver and black, and has gussets to hold all of the prom night essentials. I wanted to add a bit of edge, hence the one side of black feathers. The bag closes magnetically.
Kelsey and her date.
I had such a great time seeing my designs being worn with so much grace and elegance, Thank you Kelsey! I skipped prom this year, but next year, when I go, I cant wait to choose someone else to dress! Happy Sunday, I'm off to Boston to my brother's graduation from BC.


  1. Jacob, We love this dress. It is divine.
    You are so talented. Congratulations!
    xoxo Pansy and Keisha