Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Holy Grail of Ankle Boots

I know that I can get obsessive about heels, and more than often I say that they are the best ever, or have changed my life. Forget everything I have ever said before, I have found THE ankle boot of the century. Last Wednesday, sitting in the art room, making my daily stop at, I saw these. These Christian Louboutin Nubuck and  Python boots are pure perfection. 

The Mixture of the smooth Nubuck and flaky python makes for a stunning contrast in textures. I love that the talented Louboutin made sure that the two materials were died to match perfectly in color. in a cheaper shoe, it wouldn't be uncommon to see two different shades of black in such a shoe. I love the lengthening zipper that adds vertically, edge, and it is a slight reminder of the fact that there are in fact two different materials. The circle zipper pull is genius. The proportions of the heel, 6.5 inches with a 2 inch platform is perfectly balanced. I love that even though these heels would add over half a foot to any wearer, they give the feeling that anyone wearing them {ME} could have the look, and kick some ass/break some hearts/stomp it to the death.
(Photo Credit-Netaporter}
The view from behind does not disappoint. The sheer height of the heel lends a somewhat intimidating and strong look. I love the thickness of the heel, because it clearly shows the strength of the wearer. Lastly, the red sole never disappoints, and it always looks it best against a black shoe. I am in love, someone, please, buy these for me.

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