Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fro -Yo is Three Blocks Away...Get the Car

I met my friend Chelsea last night for dinner/general walking around downtown. This is the definite upside to having a driving licence and a car; the ability to do random things that parents would generally find unnecessary and therefore not want to drive you. 
{Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, French Connection shirt, Social Collision jeans, Jessica Simpson shoes, vintage Persian Lamb muff}
I found this jacket in my closet, I'm going on the presumption that it was my dad's at one point in time. I really like the cut, and the wool is a beautifully sturdy weight. I have only worn them twice before, but I was completely unaware of the masochistic torture they would inflict on my feet. We literally had to drive an eight of a mile to Fro Yo World because I couldn't walk that far. On the bright side, they are stunning, and they look just like Lanvin sandals. I love the rectangular heel. I was given this muff over the winter, and I had been meaning to wear it for a while. I love the texture of Persian Lamb, and the back is covered in beautiful pleated silk. It has a little pocket that fits my camera, ID, credit card, cash, and car keys. I'm excited to wear it next winter as a legitimate muff.
Really good Mexican food at Bulldog Burrito
These gorgeous Chinese Laundry heels were on sale at Thom Brown. I am so jealous that they only had them in Chelsea's size! Have a nice weekend, I need to return to my sewing. I cant wait to go to the Bodies exhibit tomorrow!

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