Monday, May 30, 2011

The Day That Lasted Forever

{H&M shirt,  Social Collision pants, Vintage Paloma Picasso bag, Lucky Brand shoes, Flowers from the farmers market in union square}
 Saturday was quite a day. I was planning a trip to the city predominately because I am dressing Maddie for a party, when I found out that a bunch of my friends from summer camp would be there too. I was essentially out from around noon to three in the morning. It was such a great New York city day, the weather was glorious, and we covered a ton of ground. The day started with lunch on the upper west side, and then we made our way down to Times Square. Afterwards, we went to Union square. 
I would highly suggest that if you re ever down there, check out the Nordstroms Rack. They had just gotten a huge shipment of Jimmy Choo...I tried on ever pair in my size. My favorites were these yellow slingbacks. 
Whilst walking through the farmers market, I saw a stunning gazelle of a woman an realized that it was Keenya from America's Next Top model! I immediately pulled her over and demanded she pose with me for an impromptu photo shoot a la Tyra Banks. She is such a sweetheart, and I love her with the longer weave.
After a quick snack, we found ourselves in Princeton, New Jersey. My friend Becca, pictured above with the fierce ringlets, was having her senior recital. We decided to surprise her, and I'm so glad we did! The recital was amazing, and I am so proud!!!
When staying out all night, naps are imperative. New Jersey transit has great seats. Walking through Penn station at one in the morning felt very "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist"
We ended the night in the early morning at my friend Sarah's hotel room in the Omni with vegan cookies, smoothies, and coffee. I am very upset to say that my platforms did quite a number on my feet. I had previously thought they were my most comfortable shoes, and I guess they still are. I suppose any shoe worn for upwards of fourteen hours will cause some havoc on your feet. My feet look like they have been bombed or something, I would be that guy wearing socks on the beach. Saturday was amazing, and I cant wait to be in the city all this summer! Happy memorial day, I need to finish my homework.

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