Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I don"t think I've ever posted a picture of my outfit the day I wore it. This is a first! I feel like kind of a poser, titling this post "Cinco de Mayo", when in I actually found out that it was today some time around ten o'clock.
{Vintage Levi's vest, Sovereign code shirt, unknown tote, Puma high tops}
I think this vest is literally the bomb. It is the quintessential, trashy 80's acid wash, cut-off denim vest. I really like the big shoulders, they make everyone's waist look super tiny. I bought it a year ago, and Ive only worn it a couple of times, because the color is a bit strange, and it's hard to wear without looking too fashion victim-y. My favorite part is that on the tag inside, it says, "to ensure a proper fit, please try garment on before purchasing." Thank you for your PSA, I was thinking of taking six and hoping for the best...I know better now. I cant believe that it has taken me so long to upload a picture of this tote. It is the exact same one as the gray cotton, but in...dare I say PVC. As much as I hate fake leather, if you don't look at the tag, it could really pas as the real thing. I get a big nostalgic, it was my first purse.
These sneakers are really awesome. I bought them like two years ago and rediscovered them two weeks ago in my big closet clean up. I love the mixture of snakeskin print, satin, leather, mesh, grosgrain, and metallic cotton. They're super texturally interesting, and I love the butter cream color scheme, I've been wearing then a lot lately. I need a haircut so badly, I am going to make an appointment. Happy Friday!!!

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