Monday, May 23, 2011

Boycotting Prom

I am not a "Prom" person. It may be part of growing up in suburban America, but frankly, I think it is a huge waste of money, and I hate the mass hysteria of looking for a date, dress, limo...ect. I decided to ditch this year {although I had a nice time last year at two different proms} and go on a date with one of my best friends, Natalie. I am literally obsessed with this girl, but shes one of those people that I see maybe once a month. Despite the lack of face time, we always have an amazing time together.
We went to the Halfmoon Cafe. I was a little nervous when we walked in and I saw that I had to decide what I wanted in two minutes, order, and then sit down. I usually prefer more leisurely dinners, but nonetheless. It was so good. Th eggplant and ricotta pizza was my favorite. I actually hate eggplant, so I was surprised at how much I liked this.
Caesar salad
The Gnocchi was also really, really good. The sign of good Gnocchi is when it is super light for its size, I loved the melted cheese mixed in with the sauce.
After dinner, we went to Mr. D's for cupcakes and Bubble tea. The chocolate turtle cupcake was my favorite.
Dancing in an abandoned alley, wearing all Nordstroms Teen
Being seduced by Natalie.
{Theory Vest, H&M shirt and beaded flower pin, Social Collision jeans, vintage Valentino bag, Pour la Victoire boots}
I went shopping on Saturday and picked up a couple pairs of jeans, more importantly, these beautiful black cherry colored skinny pants. A couple weeks back, when I wore my turquoise jeans, I remembered how much I used to love colored jeans. These really dark red jeans bridge the gap between obscene and chic. I ripped off the tags in the car and threw them on as soon as I got home. I wanted to look like a designer when I went to the pre-prom. I was going to do all black, but I thought these jeans would add a nice touch. To add another designer touch to my outfit, I wove a threaded needle through my vest, in case anyone had any questions as to who I was. I have really been working on upping my pain threshold for shoes. I usually have trouble in these boots, but I wore them from 330 until about 11. I am very pleased with myself.
We stood outside a bar and danced for a bit, taking a little chapstick/foot break.
I would love to receive Natalie as a package, wouldn't you?

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