Thursday, May 19, 2011


On Monday, my anatomy class went to see the Bodies exhibit in NYC. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it is the process of curing human bodies in silicone and acetone, and then peeling back and showing the layers. The exhibit is mind blowing, and it is even crazier when you tell yourself that they are real people who had names. I happens to be somewhat of an ethical conundrum. I wanted to take so many pictures, but they have a very strict no cameras policy. As crazy as it sounds, I saw a lot of inspiration for future design projects within the exhibition. If you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend going, but before lunch. We went directly after eating, and I was a bit nauseous. 
The exhibit is in the Southstreet seaport. It was so crazy being back at the seaport, my family used to go all the time when I was younger. I love going down there because even though New York is not a huge city, the feeling of midtown is exponentially different than that of the financial district.
We had a few minutes to walk around in the mall in the seaport. I loved how this store merchandised the hairclips like pastries in cake stands. I wanted to take so many pictures, but I put my camera away when I saw the salewoman start to reach for it.
I was really into my friend Blake's rainy day footwear. I never made the connection between sequins and their waterproof qualities. 
I had a fitting uptown, so my mom and I stayed in the city after everyone left. Century 21 is a stones throw from the seaport and I absolutely had to stop in and pick up a couple more bowties. I almost bought the green one when I was in the city for my birthday in a tan colorway. I am glad I waited, lime green is one of my favorite colors. Excuse the poor photography.
{Theory blazer, H&M shirt, vintage bowtie, Aldo shoes, French Connection bag, vintage for tail}
This was a bit of an outfit repeat of the outfit I wore in Paris to the Azru Kaprol show and the Louvre. I wanted to make it more casual so I switched it up with dark denim and simple brogues instead of the patent leather French Connection ones I wore last time. The weather sucked, it went from moist to misting/light rain. My hair suffered gravely.
When I was packing up to go, I needed a bag that would fit my necessities, plus an umbrella and the dress I was fitting, because I refused to carry a garment bag or second tote. I think the fur tail really elevated this bag, and the color combination of cranberry and luggage is serendipitous. Happy Friday, I am dressing a very good friend for prom, pictures to follow!

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