Monday, May 30, 2011

The Day That Lasted Forever

{H&M shirt,  Social Collision pants, Vintage Paloma Picasso bag, Lucky Brand shoes, Flowers from the farmers market in union square}
 Saturday was quite a day. I was planning a trip to the city predominately because I am dressing Maddie for a party, when I found out that a bunch of my friends from summer camp would be there too. I was essentially out from around noon to three in the morning. It was such a great New York city day, the weather was glorious, and we covered a ton of ground. The day started with lunch on the upper west side, and then we made our way down to Times Square. Afterwards, we went to Union square. 
I would highly suggest that if you re ever down there, check out the Nordstroms Rack. They had just gotten a huge shipment of Jimmy Choo...I tried on ever pair in my size. My favorites were these yellow slingbacks. 
Whilst walking through the farmers market, I saw a stunning gazelle of a woman an realized that it was Keenya from America's Next Top model! I immediately pulled her over and demanded she pose with me for an impromptu photo shoot a la Tyra Banks. She is such a sweetheart, and I love her with the longer weave.
After a quick snack, we found ourselves in Princeton, New Jersey. My friend Becca, pictured above with the fierce ringlets, was having her senior recital. We decided to surprise her, and I'm so glad we did! The recital was amazing, and I am so proud!!!
When staying out all night, naps are imperative. New Jersey transit has great seats. Walking through Penn station at one in the morning felt very "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist"
We ended the night in the early morning at my friend Sarah's hotel room in the Omni with vegan cookies, smoothies, and coffee. I am very upset to say that my platforms did quite a number on my feet. I had previously thought they were my most comfortable shoes, and I guess they still are. I suppose any shoe worn for upwards of fourteen hours will cause some havoc on your feet. My feet look like they have been bombed or something, I would be that guy wearing socks on the beach. Saturday was amazing, and I cant wait to be in the city all this summer! Happy memorial day, I need to finish my homework.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working the Bowties

{Perry Ellis jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton, bowtie from Century 21, Target belt, Aldo wingtips, Brahmin bag}
This past weekend my brother Ben graduated from Boston College. As nice as it was, the graduation sucked!! It was so cold, and this jacket is most definitely not a warm weather staple. This was the first time I brought out these new Aldo shoes. They're classic wingtips, but the leather is so nice, and I love the feel of them. They are so comfortable, I am going to be very careful to not scuff them! We went in Sunday afternoon and left Monday afternoon. I decided to pick one great outfit and wear it Sunday night and Monday. It worked surprisingly well, and I'm going to keep this packing concept in mind for future reference. 
Some people are ugly when they laugh...I however, and stunning at all times
Wearing a French Connection knit and Joseph Aboud booties. Last night, I went to dinner with my brother, my lover Carolyn, and her friends Tommy and Sarah. We went to Bertucci's. but as the waitress said, "The Tuetch". I have been using this word all day, it has a nice ring to it
{Old Navy jacket, H&M shirt, bowtie from Century 21, Brahmin bag, Christian Siriano shoes}
I have been at my school for eight years, and it has taken me until the fourth quarter of junior year to get an early morning detention. I got in trouble for wearing a v-neck sweater with no collared shirt underneath. I will refrain from breaking out into a full rant, but come on! My collar-less outfit was more pulled together, fierce, and mature looking than all of the badly laundered polo shirts I saw that day. I guess I am jut a little too fabulous for my own good sometimes. Leave it to me to get in trouble for dress code. Anyways, I brought this up because I got dressed before 7AM for my early morning detention, therefore, it was a bit chilly. By noon, I was burning up! Fashion has its costs
Its almost Friday, and I am dying for the weekend. Two more days of classes!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Boycotting Prom

I am not a "Prom" person. It may be part of growing up in suburban America, but frankly, I think it is a huge waste of money, and I hate the mass hysteria of looking for a date, dress, limo...ect. I decided to ditch this year {although I had a nice time last year at two different proms} and go on a date with one of my best friends, Natalie. I am literally obsessed with this girl, but shes one of those people that I see maybe once a month. Despite the lack of face time, we always have an amazing time together.
We went to the Halfmoon Cafe. I was a little nervous when we walked in and I saw that I had to decide what I wanted in two minutes, order, and then sit down. I usually prefer more leisurely dinners, but nonetheless. It was so good. Th eggplant and ricotta pizza was my favorite. I actually hate eggplant, so I was surprised at how much I liked this.
Caesar salad
The Gnocchi was also really, really good. The sign of good Gnocchi is when it is super light for its size, I loved the melted cheese mixed in with the sauce.
After dinner, we went to Mr. D's for cupcakes and Bubble tea. The chocolate turtle cupcake was my favorite.
Dancing in an abandoned alley, wearing all Nordstroms Teen
Being seduced by Natalie.
{Theory Vest, H&M shirt and beaded flower pin, Social Collision jeans, vintage Valentino bag, Pour la Victoire boots}
I went shopping on Saturday and picked up a couple pairs of jeans, more importantly, these beautiful black cherry colored skinny pants. A couple weeks back, when I wore my turquoise jeans, I remembered how much I used to love colored jeans. These really dark red jeans bridge the gap between obscene and chic. I ripped off the tags in the car and threw them on as soon as I got home. I wanted to look like a designer when I went to the pre-prom. I was going to do all black, but I thought these jeans would add a nice touch. To add another designer touch to my outfit, I wove a threaded needle through my vest, in case anyone had any questions as to who I was. I have really been working on upping my pain threshold for shoes. I usually have trouble in these boots, but I wore them from 330 until about 11. I am very pleased with myself.
We stood outside a bar and danced for a bit, taking a little chapstick/foot break.
I would love to receive Natalie as a package, wouldn't you?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kelsey McCray Wearing Jacob Z Shanbrom

I am so excited to finally post this dress. I have been working on it since February, and it is such a relief to see it finished and being worn! Now, in painstaking detail, I am going to describe why it took seventy-five hours to make. The body of the dress was cut in heavy satin, and then on top, each stripe is actually an individually pleated strip of Organza that had to be sewn, pressed, fitted over a dress form, and then hand sewn down. The large flower is made of Organza petals that were all double layered, sewn, pressed, pleated, and then arranged and hand sewn into the flower pattern. The very inside was hand beaded with black crystals. Under the skirt is a layer of lining, tulle, a bubbled layer of lining and Organza, and then the skirt on top. Also, hemming the bottom of the skirt, which is about six yards of fabric, took quite a while; Organza is so slippery.
The back is also covered in the diagonal, double faced strips of fabric. The side in the picture is actually where the zipper was sewn. Sewing invisible zippers properly was one of the hardest thing I have ever learned. Curved seams help to give a nice line to the overall silhouette.
The bag is made of bronze and black woven tapestry brocade. It is lined in the reverse color way, silver and black, and has gussets to hold all of the prom night essentials. I wanted to add a bit of edge, hence the one side of black feathers. The bag closes magnetically.
Kelsey and her date.
I had such a great time seeing my designs being worn with so much grace and elegance, Thank you Kelsey! I skipped prom this year, but next year, when I go, I cant wait to choose someone else to dress! Happy Sunday, I'm off to Boston to my brother's graduation from BC.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


On Monday, my anatomy class went to see the Bodies exhibit in NYC. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it is the process of curing human bodies in silicone and acetone, and then peeling back and showing the layers. The exhibit is mind blowing, and it is even crazier when you tell yourself that they are real people who had names. I happens to be somewhat of an ethical conundrum. I wanted to take so many pictures, but they have a very strict no cameras policy. As crazy as it sounds, I saw a lot of inspiration for future design projects within the exhibition. If you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend going, but before lunch. We went directly after eating, and I was a bit nauseous. 
The exhibit is in the Southstreet seaport. It was so crazy being back at the seaport, my family used to go all the time when I was younger. I love going down there because even though New York is not a huge city, the feeling of midtown is exponentially different than that of the financial district.
We had a few minutes to walk around in the mall in the seaport. I loved how this store merchandised the hairclips like pastries in cake stands. I wanted to take so many pictures, but I put my camera away when I saw the salewoman start to reach for it.
I was really into my friend Blake's rainy day footwear. I never made the connection between sequins and their waterproof qualities. 
I had a fitting uptown, so my mom and I stayed in the city after everyone left. Century 21 is a stones throw from the seaport and I absolutely had to stop in and pick up a couple more bowties. I almost bought the green one when I was in the city for my birthday in a tan colorway. I am glad I waited, lime green is one of my favorite colors. Excuse the poor photography.
{Theory blazer, H&M shirt, vintage bowtie, Aldo shoes, French Connection bag, vintage for tail}
This was a bit of an outfit repeat of the outfit I wore in Paris to the Azru Kaprol show and the Louvre. I wanted to make it more casual so I switched it up with dark denim and simple brogues instead of the patent leather French Connection ones I wore last time. The weather sucked, it went from moist to misting/light rain. My hair suffered gravely.
When I was packing up to go, I needed a bag that would fit my necessities, plus an umbrella and the dress I was fitting, because I refused to carry a garment bag or second tote. I think the fur tail really elevated this bag, and the color combination of cranberry and luggage is serendipitous. Happy Friday, I am dressing a very good friend for prom, pictures to follow!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Apologies Joan Rivers...

I love the fashion police, but I have a bone to pick. This past week, they named Katy Perry worst this Castelbajac dress!
Are you kidding me?? Really?!?!?!?? I think this dress is gorgeous. I realize I am a bit biased, being that Jean Charles de Castelbajac is one of my favorite designers, and I loved this whole line, but this dress is a real piece of art! Maybe the fashion police needs some glasses, I know that my prescription needs a tune up after eight months. I may have not worn the blue shoes, but this dress is stunning. I really appreciate that she respected the original styling by wearing it with opaque black tights. Keep it going Katy!
(Photo credit-,upscalehype}
Yet again, the show in Paris was so beyond. I keep re-watching it on Youtube, and I still get chills. Its amazing how much music effects shows and cinema. Katy looked beautiful at the show, it was so smart of her to wear her signature blue wig, it made her noticeable from across the tent. How hot are those shoes!?!?!?
Remember when I said I wanted to own a piece of Castelbajac? Apparently, I have been wearing his designs since I was thirteen! My mom bought these ties for my brother and I to wear to a Bar Mitzvah. They have lived in my dads closet for a couple of years, and I have relocated the one on the right to my wardrobe. It has really amazing velvet details appliqued to the silk. I am so excited! Its so strange to think that the "face" ties that my family always refers were designed by none other than Jean Charles de Castelbajac.
Happy Hump-day! I'm off to go watch the Good Wife and finish some dresses

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fro -Yo is Three Blocks Away...Get the Car

I met my friend Chelsea last night for dinner/general walking around downtown. This is the definite upside to having a driving licence and a car; the ability to do random things that parents would generally find unnecessary and therefore not want to drive you. 
{Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer, French Connection shirt, Social Collision jeans, Jessica Simpson shoes, vintage Persian Lamb muff}
I found this jacket in my closet, I'm going on the presumption that it was my dad's at one point in time. I really like the cut, and the wool is a beautifully sturdy weight. I have only worn them twice before, but I was completely unaware of the masochistic torture they would inflict on my feet. We literally had to drive an eight of a mile to Fro Yo World because I couldn't walk that far. On the bright side, they are stunning, and they look just like Lanvin sandals. I love the rectangular heel. I was given this muff over the winter, and I had been meaning to wear it for a while. I love the texture of Persian Lamb, and the back is covered in beautiful pleated silk. It has a little pocket that fits my camera, ID, credit card, cash, and car keys. I'm excited to wear it next winter as a legitimate muff.
Really good Mexican food at Bulldog Burrito
These gorgeous Chinese Laundry heels were on sale at Thom Brown. I am so jealous that they only had them in Chelsea's size! Have a nice weekend, I need to return to my sewing. I cant wait to go to the Bodies exhibit tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black Cherry

{Ben Sherman sweater, Armani Exchange shirt, bowtie from Century 21, Coach bag, Aldo penny loafers}
Ive been trying to wear as many sweaters as I can in the coming weeks. I love sweaters and have spent a lot on them in the past, so its always sad to come to that time in the year when most of them have to be folded and packed away. Ben Sherman makes incredible sweaters and knits. I would say this is my favorite one that I have from him. What really sold me was the applique shoulders and elbow patches. The knit is really beautiful, its light and gauzy, it feels almost like silk. Thankfully, I can wear this sweater pretty much year round. I have acquired quite a few Armani Exchange shirts, mostly because when I was younger, the only Armani Exchange store I knew of was in Boca Raton. I would always try and pick up a shirt when we went down to Florida to visit my grandparents. I bought this one in LA, I need to do a whole post on it, it is so beautiful, and frankly this picture doesn't do it justice. It is one of the only short sleeved wovens that I wear. Again with the bowties, I am in love. I think they're so much more exciting than regular ties, this purple silk one may be my favorite.
I was so excited when I took these Aldo penny loafers out of the box. I am obsessed with this cherry-black color. They look so beautiful with the purple tie, but not too matchy. I wasn't sure if they were totally for me, but my mom convinced me to keep them, and I am very happy she did. They are so beautiful, the only downside is that the front is sewn down, so I cant stick pennys in them! I don't think Ill wear these as much as an oxford, but I really like having them as an option to spice things up. They're super classy, so I think they're a bit funky when I wear them because they're so unexpected. Happy humpday, Still praying for the pollen count to go down.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweatshirt and Uggs

{DKNY jacket, H&M knit, vintage tee shirt, social collision jeans, Bass driving loafers, French Connection scarf}
This may not be my most exciting outfit, but I have an important PSA. I don't believe in sloppy. I wore this outfit on Sunday to go to a casual Mother's day cookout. I hadn't gotten dressed that day, and in such a scenario, most people would have thrown on a sweatshirt, sneakers, or Uggs, but not me. Although the word "comfortable" drives me crazy in a bad way, I think it is important to have some comfortable basics to throw on as a sweatshirt/sweatpants alternative. I find that long sleeve tee shirts, lightweight knits, cotton bomber jackets, and driving loafers or ballet flats are great for this purpose. It never hurts to heap on a scarf or toss on a necklace. Remember, the goal is casual but not sloppy. Just like getting dressed up, the most important element is retaining a sense of persona and individuality in any and every outfit...hence the polka dots.
I think that sleeves are of huge importance. A long sleeve top, even with the sleeves rolled up, looks more pulled together and polished than short sleeves do. I am obsessed with this color, I was so excited to find this sweater marked down to like eight dollars over the summer. I love buying clothing out of season, as painful as it may be waiting to wear it, the savings are well worth it.  I hope that that these ideas and gameplans will inspire more pulled together and stylish casual outfits! Enjoy spring, I'm praying that the pollen count will go down.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Shoes {!!!}

On Saturday morning, and by morning I mean early afternoon, my mom and I looked at each other and asked, "Where should we go?" After doing my hair and getting dressed, we hopped into the car and went off to lunch. From there we got together our strategy. First, a quick stop at Loehmanns to take advantage of double coupons, which was frankly done in vain being that I am horribly spoiled by the Loehmanns in Chelsea. Next, we went to the Marshalls shoe megashop in Westport, which is AMAZING, they only have shoes and handbags. Lastly, we went to Ente's in Trumbull .
I got these stunning shoes by Mea Shadow. At first I thought they were nice, but when I tried them on, I fell hard. The island platform is beautiful, and I really love that it has work boots-like trek on it. It helps to balance the pin-thin heel. 
The heels themselves are so cool. The metal is super shiny, and for some reason, I have no problem balancing on the super thin heel. I usually teeter a little bit on such thing heels, but there are like a dream. 
The leather is super buttery, and the draped/buckled effect gives them tons of interest. The best part is the footbed. There is like a full inch of padding in them, they are beyond the most comfortable heels I own. I didn't completely break my shopping diet, I paid for them in part with a giftcard. 
{Photo credit-netaporter}
Another fun thing that I realized when I got home, my new shoes have a similar shape to the Burberry Prorsum shoe of the season. I am all for high cut pumps.
I gasped when we walked into Ente's...They had the Chameleon heels! These shoes are so cool, they are mounted on a three inch heel, and whilst walking to work, or if your feel get tired...
The heel cracks and tucks under itself! the heel goes from three inches to an inch and a half. I love this idea so much, especially for New York, where walking is everything. 
Patricia did very well at Ente's, they have such beautiful shoes, and they stock sized 4-12. Mom got these stunning Stuart Weitzman sandals. I love the patent, and how the shiny-ness lends a really modern take when mixed with the architectural triangle cut out heel. 
She also got these red Versani stunners. I picked out these pairs, because I think a red shoe should always be an integral part of every womans shoe repertoire. I also have really fond memories of these shoes, because she wore them in gold to my Bar Mitzvah.
I like the gold, but I much prefer the red ones. Happy Monday, I really hope the pollen count goes down.