Sunday, April 24, 2011

Urban Catwalk

On Saturday night, with my bother Ben and his girlfriend Carolyn, we went to the closing party for Yale's Urban Catwalk weekend. It was a great weekend of seminars, round tables, and parties organized by Alex Tudela and Madison Moore. I had gotten invited to the opening party in New York, but being on a Thursday night, I didn't have the energy to pick myself up and get my act together. Being that the closing part was at Artspace, a quick five minutes from my house, I decided that I should support New Haven and attend the latter. 
Ben was kind enough to be the chauffeur.
The main event at the closing party was a large-scale, avant garde street fashion instillation
I am obsessed with this girl, before the show, she was wearing the most beautiful vintage Chanel bag. Then she proceeded to take pictures of me saying that I was so sexy that she couldn't resist. Flattery will get you everywhere!
Amazing vintage Lacoste shoes
Obsessed with the miss-matched furs. I was just given a scarf like the one she wore as a hat with the heads still attached. 
 The amazing Jimmy Webb of Trash and Vaudeville. I had such a moment when I saw him, he is a living legend. I LOVE Trash and Vaudeville!
Alex Tudela with Jimmy Webb
Ben and Carolyn take one
Take four
{French Connection top, Theory blazer, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, re-worked vintage bag}
This is the updated white version of my beloved maroon FCUK bird shirt, Maddie has the black one. I had planned a huge fashion extravaganza, but when I was getting ready I wasn't feeling the whole "dressed up" vibe, so I opted for something a little more casual. Ben took us out for really amazing Cuban food before the party, afterwards, we proceeded to watch Law and Order SVU. Carolyn and I went for a little joyride, and were very upset to see that Dairy Queen was closed. We went across the street and picked up a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Americone Dream". I would highly recommend it. 
I DIY'd this clutch last fall, depressed that I couldn't afford one of Michael Kors', Marc Jacob's, or Sportmax's fur bags. I made this with a vintage frame bag, a rabbit pelt, and some shoe cement. I like it, but I want to re-make it come fall to make it perfect. There are a few imperfections that only I can see, but I want all of my clothing and accessories to be perfect. Ill have to post the DIY sometime soon...
On a somewhat unrelated point, I would like to further extend my rant of investing in fashion. My favorite Aldo oxfords started to look a little sad. I went to the shoe repair, and for a small fraction of what the shoes cost, I got them re-soled and shined. They look like new, and I know that I can continue to re-sole them and wear them forever. In conclusion, the allure of cheap shoe may be strong, but they never last. An expensive pair of shoes can be re-soled over and over, and in the long run, the value is clearly better.

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