Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Style 2011

I've been such a bad Blogger! I just had my fashion show on Thursday night, and I am so relieved. Like always, I worked up until the last minute, sewing the last hem a mere twenty minutes before my models went on stage. I am excited to get back to regular posting. In this show, presented by Liberty Community service, I was the creative designer. Because I was chosen as last years winning designer, I had the opportunity to kick off the show, and present nine pieces. I worked so hard for this, and I am very happy with with collection. This body of work is much more colorful than anything I would usually make, and I am very excited to return to making black clothing!
 Before the show, the stunning and very, very sweet Sonia Baghdady interviewed me. It was very strange, as a seventeen year old, to give life lessons and advice to a room of adults. I decided it best to paraphrase what my mom has been saying all along, be nice to those on the way up, because they are the same people you see again on the way down.
I designed this chiffon skirt and blouse combo with a full, voluminous collar in mind. Whenever I make clothing, I usually start with one main concept and build everything else around it.
This sheer chiffon skirt was one of my first concrete pieces for the collection. The shape and flow is really quite magnificent in real life, if I do say so. I got really into the concept of playing with sheer fabrics, and the effects of layering them and such.
 This dress was so much work! Each strip had to be cut, hemmed, pressed, and then individually fitted. I really love this technique, and I am excited to do more work with it in the future to perfect it. I also made a black gown using this technique that will soon be debuted on Fringing on Obscenity. I am really into bows right now. 
 I got a ton of really positive feedback on this dress. I think it is because it is one of my most commercial designs. I can see a range of women, sizes and ages, looking really great in this shape and cut. I had archived this fabric last year after working with it in the black colorway, I was thrilled to find it in white.
I don't typically work with denim. I made this blouse, and then whilst looking for fabric to make the skirt fell in love with this yellow denim. I think the fabric is amazing, because it gives the support and feeling of denim, but it looks more unexpected and interesting.
On the far right, I decided to build an outfit around a bow blouse that I had made a couple of months ago. I really love the shape and volume, plus, it is one size fits all! It does look pretty amazing on me.
 The coral blouse and evening skirt was designed with the concept of regality. I think that evening skirts are one of the chicest garments on the planet, and I have never understood why more women don't wear them. A little drama is always welcome.
 I am obsessed with this dress. I know I sound a bit narcissistic, but I put so much work into this gown, and I have really fallen in love with it. As a designer, I can always see flaws in my clothing, and I think it is rare that any designer can stand back and marvel in something created. This is definitely one of those moments that I feel like that, it may also be that I made the dress the day of the show, at 2 AM, and when I woke up, I didn't fully remember making it. It was a lovely surprise, and am really excited to archive this piece. Besides being the finale, I think it was the crowd's favorite piece. The sheer skirt shows the perfect amount of underwear, without being vulgar. Just like the title of this blog, I love riding on the fine line of sexy and sleazy.
I should definitely be a model, my runway walk is pretty damn amazing. 
With my model Capri, wearing a Dolce and Gabanna blazer, Armani Exchange shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, and Sam Edelman wedges. I hope you guys liked my collection, I am very relieved that the show is over, and I have really been enjoying sleeping! More posts to soon follow, I promise! Have a happy Sunday, I have so much homework to catch up on!


  1. The clothes are absolutely gorgeous. You're so talented Jake!

  2. Wow, Jake!! Your collection is amazing! Really enjoyed seeing it. Really fabulous! So sorry I couldn't make it to the show.

  3. Jacob this was simply amazing!! So happy to model for you and I don't want that to be the last time!! I miss my yellow skirt, and that last pic of us is to die for xoxo