Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of Montreal 4/27

On Wednesday night, I took my friends Summer and Maddie Marino to Toads Place to see Of Montreal. They were AMAZING. I love their sound, and their all encompassing individuality makes their shows and music irresistible.  
I am a very big supporter of costume changes
{Gap Merino wool cardigan, tee shirt puchased at Simon in Quebec, Levis jeans, Frye boots, vintage Paloma Picasso bag}
I used to dress like this every day during eighth and ninth grade. I'm glad that time in my life is over, I don't this that I had the same commanding presence in neon pants. I had quite a collection of colored jeans, maybe seven or eight, and these are the only ones I kept. It felt so strange to put them on again, I haven't worn them since freshman year. I love this tee shirt, I bought it on a class French trip. We were given forty minutes to shop during the whole trip. On the last day, I bolted from the group and bought a ton. This is the only piece I saved, I think I wear it once or twice a year. It's such a happy piece, I originally bought it because I was obsessed with House of Holland shirts but i couldn't afford one. 
  {Forever 21 tee shirt, vintage jeans, Converse sneakers, my studded metallic cotton tote}
Maddie looked very appropriate. My entire family is very excited that she is going to Yale, and it has been so much fun taking her to Yale landmarks, like Toads place. My mom designed the party room, and it was so strange being back, I used to go there all the time when I was helping  her when I was ten. TGIF. I have returns to make at the mall, I am so excited for the weekend

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