Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Hanging From a Stairwell

I did a little impromptu photo shoot with my friends Karla and Jackie. I got really into posing, what I am actually saying is that I am a model and I need to start my career. 
{Forever 21 shirt, French Connection sweater, vintage bowtie, Marc Jacobs jacket, Levis jeans, Converse sneakers}
These pictures were taken two weeks ago, and I actually wore it again today. I switched up the bowtie and shoes, but it was essentially the same look. I really don't understand people who speak out against repeating outfits. I believe that if something looks good, especially if it already lives in your closet, go for it! That is not to say that it is ever OK to wear the same thing everyday, but it is nice to have dependable, go-to outfits. I wish I hadn't worn it today though, it was so hot!

{Photo Credit Jc/Dc}
I tried this sweater on at the Jean Charles de Castelbajac store when I was in Paris, after the fashion show. I love it so much, but they didn't stock my size, so I left empty handed. I still love it, but going into summer, I can't see myself dropping more than three hundred dollars on something I wouldn't be able to wear for a few months..it would kill me. I just watched the 2012 fashion show on YouTube, and I didn't expect to experience the same heart pounding feeling I had one the day of the show.
Happy hump-day, I am really excited to go to the of Montreal show, I seriously need to pick out an outfit!

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