Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I would love to say that this is a post announcing that I am traveling to Ibiza...well it is not, but on Saturday, a few of my friends and I took my beloved Simona out for her birthday. We went to Ibiza Tapas, amazing, and if you live in Ct, it is definitely worth a visit.
{Target velvet Blazer, Ben Sherman shirt, Pour La Victoire boots, Brahmin bag}
Nice pic, no? Lets see you keep your eyes open after as many Tapas as we ate. I dare you. Shockingly, I wore white, and the world didn't end. I still don't think I'll be pulling out white clothes anytime soon though. 
 After dinner we went to Stop and Shop, because what would a slumber party be without snacks?
I would highly recommend the frozen chocolate covered cheesecake bites. They're so good, but I got a bit nauseous after one and a half
I couldn't help putting in a picture of these shoes. I picked up these Betsy Johnson heels for Simona on Friday during my many escapades. I'm actually very jealous of them, I wore them around the store for twenty minutes before cashing out. I love the patent leather detailing. Well, I'm back into another sewing binge, I'll probably keep it up until the show on Thursday...
Student Price, $25
I hope you can all come and support the community!!!

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