Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best of the Year

{Ben Sherman jacket, French Connection shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, Joseph Aboud booties, Brahmin bag}
I wore this outfit on Thursday and I am very proud of it. When I stumbled into it at 7 in the morning, I had no idea that it would turn out to be my most well executed pattern-mixed outfit. I love the mix of plaid, checkers, and polka dots. The best part is that if i described this outfit to someone over the phone it would sounds like I was sleep talking, but it works so well together. I bought this jacket when I was thirteen or fourteen, and it has proved itself to be a very nice purchase. It was a bit pricey, and I don't wear it often because the weight is strange, its essentially a lined cotton shirt, but I really love it. I really have to think about wearing it because its too light to wear when it is cold outside, so I have to consciously wear it when jackets are not required for the weather. The cut is beautiful, I went through a phase when I only wanted to wear bomber jackets. I bought this shirt at Lord and Taylor after I had my orientation. I usually don't go for short sleeve woven button downs, but I love that the collar is faced in hot pink. I'll have to wear it again when I am not wearing a tie to show it off. Sadly this tie has been having some problems...the polka dots are embroidered, and the silk started running during my English class. I have worn Jacqueline {My Brahmin bag} for the whole week, and we have been getting alone beautifully. 
{Photo Credit-Saks}
I have some great heels, but what I really want is a super simple pair of black suede ankle boots, with a five or six inch heel and a platform. Is that so difficult? Apparently yes. These boots are by Giuseppe Zanotti. I seems that only high end designers made simple footwear. The last pair of similarly wonderful, simple ankle boots I saw were by Prada. On my search, I find that most middle level designers like to add a bunch of extra crap onto their shoes. I WANT SIMPLE. This seems to be an impossible task though. I have an ongoing wish-list of seemingly impossible garments to find, and plain black platform suede ankle boots has been added. I understand as a designer wanting to make interesting and visually stimulating designs, but it is important to also important to understand the importance and beauty in perfectly made, but very simple pieces. This is a concept that I am definitely working on, and I really like some of the results. As for the ankle boots, I am still on the lookout.

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