Monday, April 25, 2011


I don't like cooking. I used to, in fact I was on the news for being a child chef. I had wanted to pursue that career, but I then realized that the life of a chef is not very glamorous. In fact is quite hot, sweaty, and I would rather cut off my feet than wear non-slip clogs. I took this past Friday to have a mental health day. I saw that there were three sad looking, overripe bananas, and I decided it was the perfect day to make banana bread. I used this recipe,, from Food network. I First cut up the bananas. 
The recipe said to mash them, but I prefer to leave them really chunky. I like to see big chunks of actual bananas in the bread, it lends a really nice texture. 
Being the creative person I am, I had to make a few changes to the recipe. I started by leaving the bananas chunky. I decided to swap the white flour for wheat, and I added oil instead of butter. I realize that just because This has bananas in it doesn't mean its healthy, but I wanted to make a few changes to make it not so unhealthy. I added vanilla, and I doubled the amount of Cinnamon, also I folded in walnuts. 
 This was so amazing, it lasted less than two days in my house. I would highly recommend this recipe. On a highly unrelated note, I have run into a new shoe crush...

{Photo Credit-netaporter)
These Martin Margiela boots are amazing. Take a closer look, the sequins are made of leather....OMG. Margiela always seems to do something a his shoes that push them over the edge. When I see his shoes, I feel as if I am looking at wearable sculptures instead of shoes. The choice of color was really interesting, because the leather sequins look like regular sequins until you look closer. I die over these. I think the slouchy shape is genius. It gives a completely different feel to the foot when compared to a Louboutin. I'm off, its dinner time!

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