Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of Montreal 4/27

On Wednesday night, I took my friends Summer and Maddie Marino to Toads Place to see Of Montreal. They were AMAZING. I love their sound, and their all encompassing individuality makes their shows and music irresistible.  
I am a very big supporter of costume changes
{Gap Merino wool cardigan, tee shirt puchased at Simon in Quebec, Levis jeans, Frye boots, vintage Paloma Picasso bag}
I used to dress like this every day during eighth and ninth grade. I'm glad that time in my life is over, I don't this that I had the same commanding presence in neon pants. I had quite a collection of colored jeans, maybe seven or eight, and these are the only ones I kept. It felt so strange to put them on again, I haven't worn them since freshman year. I love this tee shirt, I bought it on a class French trip. We were given forty minutes to shop during the whole trip. On the last day, I bolted from the group and bought a ton. This is the only piece I saved, I think I wear it once or twice a year. It's such a happy piece, I originally bought it because I was obsessed with House of Holland shirts but i couldn't afford one. 
  {Forever 21 tee shirt, vintage jeans, Converse sneakers, my studded metallic cotton tote}
Maddie looked very appropriate. My entire family is very excited that she is going to Yale, and it has been so much fun taking her to Yale landmarks, like Toads place. My mom designed the party room, and it was so strange being back, I used to go there all the time when I was helping  her when I was ten. TGIF. I have returns to make at the mall, I am so excited for the weekend

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Hanging From a Stairwell

I did a little impromptu photo shoot with my friends Karla and Jackie. I got really into posing, what I am actually saying is that I am a model and I need to start my career. 
{Forever 21 shirt, French Connection sweater, vintage bowtie, Marc Jacobs jacket, Levis jeans, Converse sneakers}
These pictures were taken two weeks ago, and I actually wore it again today. I switched up the bowtie and shoes, but it was essentially the same look. I really don't understand people who speak out against repeating outfits. I believe that if something looks good, especially if it already lives in your closet, go for it! That is not to say that it is ever OK to wear the same thing everyday, but it is nice to have dependable, go-to outfits. I wish I hadn't worn it today though, it was so hot!

{Photo Credit Jc/Dc}
I tried this sweater on at the Jean Charles de Castelbajac store when I was in Paris, after the fashion show. I love it so much, but they didn't stock my size, so I left empty handed. I still love it, but going into summer, I can't see myself dropping more than three hundred dollars on something I wouldn't be able to wear for a few would kill me. I just watched the 2012 fashion show on YouTube, and I didn't expect to experience the same heart pounding feeling I had one the day of the show.
Happy hump-day, I am really excited to go to the of Montreal show, I seriously need to pick out an outfit!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I don't like cooking. I used to, in fact I was on the news for being a child chef. I had wanted to pursue that career, but I then realized that the life of a chef is not very glamorous. In fact is quite hot, sweaty, and I would rather cut off my feet than wear non-slip clogs. I took this past Friday to have a mental health day. I saw that there were three sad looking, overripe bananas, and I decided it was the perfect day to make banana bread. I used this recipe,, from Food network. I First cut up the bananas. 
The recipe said to mash them, but I prefer to leave them really chunky. I like to see big chunks of actual bananas in the bread, it lends a really nice texture. 
Being the creative person I am, I had to make a few changes to the recipe. I started by leaving the bananas chunky. I decided to swap the white flour for wheat, and I added oil instead of butter. I realize that just because This has bananas in it doesn't mean its healthy, but I wanted to make a few changes to make it not so unhealthy. I added vanilla, and I doubled the amount of Cinnamon, also I folded in walnuts. 
 This was so amazing, it lasted less than two days in my house. I would highly recommend this recipe. On a highly unrelated note, I have run into a new shoe crush...

{Photo Credit-netaporter)
These Martin Margiela boots are amazing. Take a closer look, the sequins are made of leather....OMG. Margiela always seems to do something a his shoes that push them over the edge. When I see his shoes, I feel as if I am looking at wearable sculptures instead of shoes. The choice of color was really interesting, because the leather sequins look like regular sequins until you look closer. I die over these. I think the slouchy shape is genius. It gives a completely different feel to the foot when compared to a Louboutin. I'm off, its dinner time!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Urban Catwalk

On Saturday night, with my bother Ben and his girlfriend Carolyn, we went to the closing party for Yale's Urban Catwalk weekend. It was a great weekend of seminars, round tables, and parties organized by Alex Tudela and Madison Moore. I had gotten invited to the opening party in New York, but being on a Thursday night, I didn't have the energy to pick myself up and get my act together. Being that the closing part was at Artspace, a quick five minutes from my house, I decided that I should support New Haven and attend the latter. 
Ben was kind enough to be the chauffeur.
The main event at the closing party was a large-scale, avant garde street fashion instillation
I am obsessed with this girl, before the show, she was wearing the most beautiful vintage Chanel bag. Then she proceeded to take pictures of me saying that I was so sexy that she couldn't resist. Flattery will get you everywhere!
Amazing vintage Lacoste shoes
Obsessed with the miss-matched furs. I was just given a scarf like the one she wore as a hat with the heads still attached. 
 The amazing Jimmy Webb of Trash and Vaudeville. I had such a moment when I saw him, he is a living legend. I LOVE Trash and Vaudeville!
Alex Tudela with Jimmy Webb
Ben and Carolyn take one
Take four
{French Connection top, Theory blazer, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, re-worked vintage bag}
This is the updated white version of my beloved maroon FCUK bird shirt, Maddie has the black one. I had planned a huge fashion extravaganza, but when I was getting ready I wasn't feeling the whole "dressed up" vibe, so I opted for something a little more casual. Ben took us out for really amazing Cuban food before the party, afterwards, we proceeded to watch Law and Order SVU. Carolyn and I went for a little joyride, and were very upset to see that Dairy Queen was closed. We went across the street and picked up a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Americone Dream". I would highly recommend it. 
I DIY'd this clutch last fall, depressed that I couldn't afford one of Michael Kors', Marc Jacob's, or Sportmax's fur bags. I made this with a vintage frame bag, a rabbit pelt, and some shoe cement. I like it, but I want to re-make it come fall to make it perfect. There are a few imperfections that only I can see, but I want all of my clothing and accessories to be perfect. Ill have to post the DIY sometime soon...
On a somewhat unrelated point, I would like to further extend my rant of investing in fashion. My favorite Aldo oxfords started to look a little sad. I went to the shoe repair, and for a small fraction of what the shoes cost, I got them re-soled and shined. They look like new, and I know that I can continue to re-sole them and wear them forever. In conclusion, the allure of cheap shoe may be strong, but they never last. An expensive pair of shoes can be re-soled over and over, and in the long run, the value is clearly better.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Best of the Year

{Ben Sherman jacket, French Connection shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, Joseph Aboud booties, Brahmin bag}
I wore this outfit on Thursday and I am very proud of it. When I stumbled into it at 7 in the morning, I had no idea that it would turn out to be my most well executed pattern-mixed outfit. I love the mix of plaid, checkers, and polka dots. The best part is that if i described this outfit to someone over the phone it would sounds like I was sleep talking, but it works so well together. I bought this jacket when I was thirteen or fourteen, and it has proved itself to be a very nice purchase. It was a bit pricey, and I don't wear it often because the weight is strange, its essentially a lined cotton shirt, but I really love it. I really have to think about wearing it because its too light to wear when it is cold outside, so I have to consciously wear it when jackets are not required for the weather. The cut is beautiful, I went through a phase when I only wanted to wear bomber jackets. I bought this shirt at Lord and Taylor after I had my orientation. I usually don't go for short sleeve woven button downs, but I love that the collar is faced in hot pink. I'll have to wear it again when I am not wearing a tie to show it off. Sadly this tie has been having some problems...the polka dots are embroidered, and the silk started running during my English class. I have worn Jacqueline {My Brahmin bag} for the whole week, and we have been getting alone beautifully. 
{Photo Credit-Saks}
I have some great heels, but what I really want is a super simple pair of black suede ankle boots, with a five or six inch heel and a platform. Is that so difficult? Apparently yes. These boots are by Giuseppe Zanotti. I seems that only high end designers made simple footwear. The last pair of similarly wonderful, simple ankle boots I saw were by Prada. On my search, I find that most middle level designers like to add a bunch of extra crap onto their shoes. I WANT SIMPLE. This seems to be an impossible task though. I have an ongoing wish-list of seemingly impossible garments to find, and plain black platform suede ankle boots has been added. I understand as a designer wanting to make interesting and visually stimulating designs, but it is important to also important to understand the importance and beauty in perfectly made, but very simple pieces. This is a concept that I am definitely working on, and I really like some of the results. As for the ankle boots, I am still on the lookout.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Die for Frye

I am obsessed. Every fashionista has their weak spots, and one of mine happens to be Frye boots. I got my first pair of them a couple years back, and I can easily say that they are one the best purchases ever made. My Frye boots are some of the most comfortable shoes I own, and they are super durable, which is nice, as they seem to float around in my closet in a sea of delicate patent leather shoes.They also seem to look better with age and wear. I bought my first pair after reading tons of reviews from people who had had their boots for upwards of twenty years. In a society where things are intentionally meant to break and wear out after a couple of months to encourage buying new, it is nice to know that there are still some companies who appreciate quality, style, and really well made products that withstand the test of time.
My trusty engineer boots. I am enamored with them, being my "default" footwear. They have gotten me though so many rain showers and snow storms. I have never really been one for rain boots, so these really are the perfect all-weather boots. I was heartbroken when one of the buckles broke the other day. I called the company, and I kid you not, I got replacement buckles THE NEXT DAY. I am completely blown away by the customer service, and it's things like that that make me feel really good about buying these and supporting this amazing company. I love that they are such an integral piece of Americana. 
It was so cute how the woman literally hand wrote the envelope for me as I was on the phone with her!
I have to go to the Cobbler and get my boots fixed! I feel lost without them
I always travel with my Frye boots. I brought my Rogan stud engineer boots with me to Paris this past April. They're so comfortable, I wore them on the plane and walking all around the city. These are my all time favorite pair, the studs are so beautiful. Frye boots are yet another one of my "fashion investments". They're fabulous air most definitely translates overseas, I always get tons of compliments when I wear this pair.
Cruising the Frye website has become very dangerous. Everytime I go on, I find like five pairs of shoes that I cant live without. I am obsessed with these Harness boots. I NEED these in my wardrobe, I can see myself wearing these as much, if not more, than my black engineer boots. I think that the square toe really elevates the style.I have to get these soon, I love them more and more every time I see them.
{Photo Credit- Zappos, unknown}
These Emmett inside zip ankle boots are stunning. I think these are a beautiful, grown-up version of my other boots. I have been searching for a classic, sleek black ankle boots for a while, and these definitely fit the bill. I these these would be a great alternative to oxfords and lace-up shoes for work. They would also give a really nice leg line with black skinny jeans. They are so sharp, I am obsessed, and I am pretty sure that you can see why

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heels For Men?

I am at a loss for words. I am pretty sure I am one of the last people to blog this, but it has literally taken me this long to form coherent sentences, yet my opinion is still up in the air. I have always relished that wearing heels has been a sort of taboo, that is not to say that i think I will see Wall street business men wearing heels with their Brooks Brothers suits, but making heels normal for me would definitely be strange. Lenny Kravitz's wedge boots are by Rick Owens. I do like that these boots are made for women in smaller sizes. I used to only wear heels in drag situations, and it took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to wear then in real life. I would be lying if i said that Bryan Boy wasn't an inspiration. 
Rick Owens wearing boots of his own design. I think I prefer the wedge version, but this sort of Margiela-ish 1990's shape is an interesting counterpart to women's stilettos. 
I love these Rad Hourani ankle boots. The sleek square toe and solid heel make these look like a boot that I could see some men wearing in real life. I think what makes a men's heel acceptable is the shape of the toe and the shape of the shoe from the front. 

Gareth Pugh
{Photo credit-theluxefiles, augastinewong, vintageclothingdesignerdrugs, everycloghasitsday}
I really like these boots, especially the very classic shape. They look very similar to the infamous YSL Johnny boots.  I think that this is the most wearable version in an English-skinny-rocker look. I die for anything in patent leather. All in all, I don't think I am a fan. I consider myself a part of a small community of males who had the ability, foot size, confidence, and innate style to wear high heels. I don't think this trend will be long lived, but I do give credit and good wishes to all of those brave MEN who wear men's high heels. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Style 2011

I've been such a bad Blogger! I just had my fashion show on Thursday night, and I am so relieved. Like always, I worked up until the last minute, sewing the last hem a mere twenty minutes before my models went on stage. I am excited to get back to regular posting. In this show, presented by Liberty Community service, I was the creative designer. Because I was chosen as last years winning designer, I had the opportunity to kick off the show, and present nine pieces. I worked so hard for this, and I am very happy with with collection. This body of work is much more colorful than anything I would usually make, and I am very excited to return to making black clothing!
 Before the show, the stunning and very, very sweet Sonia Baghdady interviewed me. It was very strange, as a seventeen year old, to give life lessons and advice to a room of adults. I decided it best to paraphrase what my mom has been saying all along, be nice to those on the way up, because they are the same people you see again on the way down.
I designed this chiffon skirt and blouse combo with a full, voluminous collar in mind. Whenever I make clothing, I usually start with one main concept and build everything else around it.
This sheer chiffon skirt was one of my first concrete pieces for the collection. The shape and flow is really quite magnificent in real life, if I do say so. I got really into the concept of playing with sheer fabrics, and the effects of layering them and such.
 This dress was so much work! Each strip had to be cut, hemmed, pressed, and then individually fitted. I really love this technique, and I am excited to do more work with it in the future to perfect it. I also made a black gown using this technique that will soon be debuted on Fringing on Obscenity. I am really into bows right now. 
 I got a ton of really positive feedback on this dress. I think it is because it is one of my most commercial designs. I can see a range of women, sizes and ages, looking really great in this shape and cut. I had archived this fabric last year after working with it in the black colorway, I was thrilled to find it in white.
I don't typically work with denim. I made this blouse, and then whilst looking for fabric to make the skirt fell in love with this yellow denim. I think the fabric is amazing, because it gives the support and feeling of denim, but it looks more unexpected and interesting.
On the far right, I decided to build an outfit around a bow blouse that I had made a couple of months ago. I really love the shape and volume, plus, it is one size fits all! It does look pretty amazing on me.
 The coral blouse and evening skirt was designed with the concept of regality. I think that evening skirts are one of the chicest garments on the planet, and I have never understood why more women don't wear them. A little drama is always welcome.
 I am obsessed with this dress. I know I sound a bit narcissistic, but I put so much work into this gown, and I have really fallen in love with it. As a designer, I can always see flaws in my clothing, and I think it is rare that any designer can stand back and marvel in something created. This is definitely one of those moments that I feel like that, it may also be that I made the dress the day of the show, at 2 AM, and when I woke up, I didn't fully remember making it. It was a lovely surprise, and am really excited to archive this piece. Besides being the finale, I think it was the crowd's favorite piece. The sheer skirt shows the perfect amount of underwear, without being vulgar. Just like the title of this blog, I love riding on the fine line of sexy and sleazy.
I should definitely be a model, my runway walk is pretty damn amazing. 
With my model Capri, wearing a Dolce and Gabanna blazer, Armani Exchange shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, and Sam Edelman wedges. I hope you guys liked my collection, I am very relieved that the show is over, and I have really been enjoying sleeping! More posts to soon follow, I promise! Have a happy Sunday, I have so much homework to catch up on!