Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YSL, Fringing on Obscenity Style

{French Connection shirt, re-worked vintage suede blazer}
I've run into a problem. I have literally nothing to wear for this whole week. Half of my clothes are hung and ready to be packed for Paris, and the other half are either at the tailor for Paris, or at the dry cleaner...for Paris. So now, I'm wearing either summer clothes or sub-par jeans and tops. Like I actually just wiped my popcorn laden hand on my pants...this is a problem. It's sad, but I'm excited to have the best of my wardrobe for my Parisian week. Though it wasn't really seasonal, I loved wearing this shirt. It is by far my favorite summer shirt, actually having nothing to do with my internship at FCUK. It is the most beautiful cotton gauze. It is also pin tucked, which is a happy surprise detail that isn't usually shown on menswear. It's also hard to find summer shirts in black, which is important because I wear black ALL THE TIME, also, I'm a klutz and cannot keep white clean if my life depended on it. I wore this shirt into the city last Spring to get my work papers. It got caught in the bathroom door. You have never heard a more blood curdling scream. Thankfully, I was able to fix it with some crafty sewing skills. When the weather warms up, expect to see a lot of this shirt. This vintage suede blazer was a gift, but the sleeves were super short, so I took inspiration from YSL and decided to go for a sleeveless blazer.
{Photo credit-coolspotters}
I was completely infatuated with this look the second I saw it. The color, drape, and shape all seemed so fresh, and the suede blazer seemed like the perfect DIY. People are always surprised to hear that I go to a tailor to get my clothes altered. I sew, well I might add, to manifest my designs. I don't necessarily love sewing, I do it because I want the world to see whats in my head. I could have sewed this myself, but sewing a dress is one thing, altering a pre-made piece is completely different, because I didn't cut the pattern, and you can never completely know how something was sewn. Also, I usually don't have time to shorter sleeves or take in a blazer. I wore this blazer this summer, my only mistake was wearing it with a white top, like literally my only white top, and consequently dyed the armpits blue. 
{Hermes Kelly, Schmoove shoes}
Haha, at the meeting I was at, someone picked up my bag and proceeded to search for the Hermes imprint. Let me just say that I do not wear fakes, and I do not allow those around me to wear them. First, I am a designer, and I would be crazy pissed if someone copied my designs and made money off of the them. Secondly, they are usually made by children in third world countries. Also, if you have to buy your purse in an abandoned warehouse or out of the back of a truck, doesn't that sounds like a bad idea? If it doesn't, it should. These shoes are amazing. Literally amazing. It is safe to say that they are part of my top three pairs of flat shoes. I need to wear them less, they are starting to look "loved". They are awesome for so many reasons. They are super comfy, because they have a rubber bottom, but also super sexy because of the pointy, crinkle patent upper. These will be really great for walking around Paris, I'm a bit preoccupied right now. Happy Tuesday, I think my phone is broken again.

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