Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You are on the list

Ah, great words to hear...but more on that in a minute. Before I pass out from exhaustion, I wanted to post the rest of the pictures from today and from the party.
I loved these yogurt signs, they were all over the metro. These shoes are so beautiful, but I was limping on the way back from the show.
We changed right after the show, and originally, I just wanted to change my shoes, but it was so warm today! I threw on a Ben Sherman blazer and my Schmoove brogues. I haven't seen a store carrying Schmoove in forever, but as nice as the shoes were today, I liked mine so much more, so I couldn't see spending a couple hundred dollars.

Our purses ate lunch with us...I had been dying for a Croque monsieur ever since we landed. I was so excited to get one, and I was super excited to see extra spice Dijon mustard. I might need another before I leave...
I'm already famous in paris...I felt like Gramercy
LOL, go to 4:07
So After a thirty minute subway ride, and a very uncomfortable five minute walk with a man whom we should most definitely not be a welcomer to Paris, especially in the Pigalle district, we arrived at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac party.
I was very happy that mom and I were on the list for the party, there were so many people waiting to get in. I kid you not, after 90 seconds I was like "GET ME OUT OF HERE"! The venue was great, but there were so many people that it was nearly 110 degrees, and it was packed wall to wall. I felt claustrophobic and possibly prone to a panic attack at any point. We went across the street for a {very} late dinner.

The salmon was to die for.

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  1. Absolutely amazing reading. Jake with your detail and photos I thought I was there. Nicely done!