Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yakatori Across From the louvre

Today was the continuation of some of the museums, we decided it best to break up the five that we wanted to do, we have two more tomorrow. First, I wanted to sneak in the pictures from our visit and tour tour of Parsons Paris.

I was captivated by the paper clothing exhibition. The bolero was so cute!I think I may give this a try when things calm down, it looks very relaxing.

All paper! They cut out lattice work is mind-bending, and I really appreciate the workmanship, the fragility is really beautiful.

More paper..I do not have the patience for this. It's beautiful, but I can't imagine myself sitting there for that many hours with pieces of paper. I applaud the artist and any who choose to try this.

I've always wanted to visit the Centre Georges Pompidou, causally referred to at Beaubourg. The exterior is so cool., the escalators are inside that red tube on the outside, and when riding through, the view is breathtaking.
We could see the Eiffel tower by the fifth floor, the view was amazing. I think I enjoyed the view more from the museum than being right next to it.

Specializing in modern art, every room was filled with bright, uplifting paintings and sculptures. Although I much prefer classical art, coming was definitely a must.

These were my favorite paintings today at Beaubourg. The one of the clown smoking was oddly enthralling.
This giant flowerpot adorned the cafe. It was much prettier in real life, excuse my poor photography.
Our next stop was the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. This chair was insane! The girtshop was also amazing, but sadly I left my 1500 in my other blazer and could't take home a Ponyskin Jerome Dreyfus bag.

This museum specializes in fashion, and I was floored by the Margiela pieces. The hair one is AMAZING. It was also really cool to see one of THE Margiela shoulder jackets in person.
Ann Demeulemeester
Dries Van Noten

Comme Des Garcons...they also had the notorious "Marshmallow" dress
Yohji Yamamoto
Okay! I guess i need to do a continuation post, Blogger hates me and thinks I like pictures too much...I'm going to go write that, Back in five minutes!

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