Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Very Scientific Day at Fringing on Obscenity

Yesterday I woke up, and for the first time in four days, I was feeling better. I decided to take it easy, but with copious amounts of sewing to do, I knew I needed to be productive in some way. I draped for a few hours, cut a pattern, and then realized that I needed thread. I spend much time scolding people for dressing like slobs. I cant stand when I see people wearing sweatpants of pajama bottoms in real-life situations. I decided that I should conduct a scientific experiment. I was planning on getting dressed up to go to my brother's concert, so I had spent the day lounging in pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. I wanted to see what would happen if I drove to the fabric store in Ralph Lauren orange flannel pajama pants, a lime green puffy vest....and...UGG BOOTS, what would happen? I took no pictures, because I know that everything stays on the Internet forever, and those would definitely haunt me. It was so weird, I was hoping someone would throw something at me or made a snide comment...I WASN'T DRESSED. This experiment has shown me that our society is screwed. It should be illegal to wear what I wore, and nothing happened to me. I am getting progressively angrier as I type this. Anywho, I got dressed up to go to my brothers concert, it was his first time playing the main stage of the Webster with his band Bushwhack.
{French Connection top, Target blazer}
I want to get as much wear out of this jacket before it gets too warm. I was rather overdressed for the Webster. It was so sad!!! I found a little hole in my favorite ever French Connection top!! 
I haven't carried this Brahmin bag, aka Jacqueline, in forever. I really enjoyed her yesterday. We had a nice chat on the way to the concert. Have a happy Wednesday, I have to go sew!

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