Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts For Spring

Judging from my extensive collection of black clothing, I'm not much of a Spring/Summer kind of guy. I much prefer Fall and Winter, but this year I've decided to try a few new things. I have always had a love for wingtip oxfords, and I have wanted a pair in this color for a while, but I just haven't gotten around to buying them. I think they're magnificently beautiful, and I would wear this with everything. I think this is such a great color, because it also goes with black. 
I've never been too into Dr. Martins, but I loved these patent leather ones on Jessie J., and I think they're pretty amazing. These might take some time to warm up to though.
I am still as obsessed as ever with the BCBG Mendel booties. I am so sad that they're not on Ebay, If anyone sees them please tell me!  I want theses so badly! I love anything in ponyskin. 
I only wear jeans, and they are ALL from HotTopic. I usually stick to dark denim and black, but Ive never experimented with light denim. I tried them on a month ago in the store, but I wasn't completely sold. I might have to re-visit them. 
I cannot tell you how long a leather blazer has been on my wishlist. This one is by Theory, I think I would want one where the buttons start maybe an inch lower, but this one is beautiful nonetheless. I think leather is so great, and I really want to keep expanding my blazer collection. I think they are the best basics, and lets be honest, they make anyone look skinny. When I wore my black Theory one shopping on Friday, the shopping assistant at Celio in Paris thought I was three sizes smaller than I am...good jacket no?
{Photo Credit-Nordstroms, Hottopic, Zappos, Church's, Coolspotters}
This bag has been haunting my dreams. All I can think about now is the Chanel 2.55. It is perfection. Alot of readers have asked me what I bought in Paris, and besides fifteen dollar orange juice at Starbucks and a Fan for my mom at the Musee D'Orsay, I didn't bring anything home. There were two problems. First, I brought my absolute favorite and nicest clothing to Paris, so the clothing in my price range was nice, but nothing was as nice as what I was already wearing. Secondly, no matter where we started, we always ended up in the ritzy neighborhoods filled with designer boutiques, AKA, things I cannot afford. It was fun to go into Hermes with my Kelly bag. There was a woman in the store who was about to buy the same bag I have in putty, and decided against it when she saw 17-year old me carrying one. Anyhoo, besides a Birkin, the only thing I wanted in Paris was this bag. Because of my pre-conceived wishes, nothing else was good enough. I guess thats for the best, I aim high, and I WILL OWN THIS BAG. I don't know when, I don't know how Ill pay for it, but I will own it. A friend on mine has a fake one and wears it a lot, but I would never. Waiting and dreaming will make it so much better once it makes it's way into my closet. Today marks the first day of my sewing binge, I have so much work to do! I would also like to make a shout out to frequent reader Carolyn Wineland, thank you for reading and making my blog your favorite!

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  1. Hi Jacob - I am a friend of your Mom's and am so glad that she invited me to view your blog. Fantastic! It has been a long time since I saw Paris and your detailed account made me feel as if I was back there again. I am glad you both had a great time and made some good connections. - Sheri