Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermarket Sweep

So yesterday, after what seemed like endless hours of sewing, I went out to meet my friend Simona for coffee, McDonalds, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Gap, and Stop and Shop. It seems like every time we get together, we end up in the Hamden Plaza for like four hours. O, and we went to Old Navy too.
Simona spent like twenty minutes in front of the ice cream door, because apparently, her mother Miriam hasn't ever let go into a grocery store, and the choices were too much for her. Afterwards, I distracted her with snack packs. 
After Paris, mom and I drink like a whole one everyday
My buys of the day, Simona forced the Cheesecake cookies. I wouldn't recommend them.
{Michael Kors mongolian Lamb vest, Custo Barcelona top, Christian Siriano shoes, Vintage bag}
It was way too hot today for fur, but no one told me, so it was a little late to change by the time I was in front of Starbucks. I got a ton of compliments on the parrot purse, especially a two year old boy who sat next to me whilst I waited for Simona in the fitting room in Old Navy. Its such a cute bag, but my wallet doesn't fit, so I have to rubber band my ID and credit cards to a pack of Orbit gum. Sorry for the quick post, I have to get back to sewing, I feel like I'm drowning in organza.

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