Sunday, March 6, 2011


So after an eight hour flight, here I am in Paris. I feel like Ive been awake for like three days, its ten at night here. So, starting off our adventure, the TSA lady who checked me in said how fierce I looked...ironic, because i was wearing an anorak jacket, my fur vest, a fedora, and studded boots. Essentially everything I knew I would want to wear at one point, but couldn't pack. I avoided mirrors for the twenty hours that I wore that outfit, but I'm glad she liked it! sometime this afternoon, I'm not sure really when this happened, but my mom made me tomato cup of soup with this mechanism. It boils water, I was blown away by this device and its innate talent and sensibility. Summer Irving/Robin pancoast/anyone who goes to Hamden Hall and sees my french teacher Tara Golba, I would greatly appreciate if someone, or multiple people would convey the message to her that I successfully conveyed, all in french, to a flight attendant that my mother and I were allergic to Tuna. Completely false, but Air France thought it would be cool to put Tuna on top of rice. I am repulsed by canned Tuna, and I knew that I would literally barf if it were to end up on my tray, or my moms. Crisis averted.
I saw a girl on the street wearing these and I had to get a picture, I asked her the brand, but i was somewhat preoccupied with my drooling. 
I was so excited to open the envelope to the invite to the Steffie Christiaens show. It was made of beeswax, with the information printed on it. My mom is convinced it looks like a tiny Torah. I thought it was so cool that the end was rolled with a wick, I saw some people today with theirs rolled up completely like a candle. I'm going to put this in a shadow box when I get home, sadly, there is a little tear in the middle. So....the show was over-invited, and sadly, My mom and I had to watch through French doors. The people watching was pretty incredible though. No use crying over spilled milk...
{French Connection leopard sweater, Theory blazer, Eileen Fisher neck cowl, Social Collision jeans, Frye boots, Hermes Kelly}
I had a different outfit on for the fashion show, but the camera had died, and by time we got back to the hotel, I was so tired I took off my clothes and got into bed. I wore this out for my first Parisian dinner.
The restaurant had the most beautiful door pulls made from pots and part? They were heated. 
I cannot express in words how excited my mother and I were to eat a legitimate meal. Not only was this some of the best roasted chicken I had ever had, we hadn't really eaten real food for like 24 hours. The food on the plane sucked {duh}, when we got to Paris, our room wasn't ready, and the only breakfast place served croissants and baguettes, tasty, but not hearty. Im so full!
I had been dying for French macaroons, and we picked some up at the first bakery we saw. The box is closed because I couldn't take a picture fast enough. We decided the almond flavor was best, but our deeply scientific experiment will continue on for days. 
This is the safe in out room, we filled it with food because we know what it important. Now we can lock up our Butterfingers and Almonds. 
The closet is SO small, we had to double everything, and yes that it my underwear hanging from my jackets
Patricia {Sherry, my mom} flipped out when she saw this bevcause she presumed that there was jusyt a toilet...there is a completly different rooms with a sink/shower. Off to bed, Museums tomorrow!

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