Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopping...Sort of

So after breakfast, we decided today would be a great day to go see the museums. Every guidebook, along with our concierge, said to buy an all day get-into-museums pass. I am convinced that these do not exist. No one knows what they are, and every time we were directed somewhere to try and buy it, they were like..."WHAT?" After about an hour, we decided that today would be the shopping day. We didn't actually buy anything, but here's what happened.

Mom and I both loved the grafitti style wall on the cylindrical part in the middle of this shopping center. I loved the contrast between the very modern shopping are with the classical church behind it. This shopping mall was okay, I think the best store was the H&M, but we couldn't get ourselves to buy anything, because we thought, "we have it at home", true, but its better here.
I really wanted to visit all of the famous department stores, Les Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and Bonne Marche. we were very excited to see this sign after being lost for a while.

The Galleries lafayette are stunning, but I didn't really give any thought to the extent of how expensive everything would be at the three department stores. Nevertheless, I loved seeing them all, and the shoe departments were literally to die for.

We grabbed a late lunch at a cute Italian restaurant. The pasta had Pancetta and goat cheese, which was amazing, but the grilled marinated vegetables were AMAZING. I've never had such strong sun-dried tomatoes, and the mozerella was so fresh that it was gushing with milk.

{Michael Kors Mongolian lamb vest, Sovereign Code shirt, Vintage bowtie, Regina bag}

There are so many stairs in Paris! We most definitely got our fair share of cardio in today. Above anything else, the subway is immaculate, and doesn't smell like poop. I loved the green light fixtures.
Us being artsy with the camera...AKA... us not understanding that it is necessary to turn off the flash on the camera before taking a picture in front of glass.
We passed a boutique that had the most amazing dresses, I think this one was Nina Ricci.
French fish soup is one of my all time favorite things. This was beyond incredible, and I love the Rouille and Gruyere on top. My mouth still has a lingering garlic essence.
Amazing Apple tart, or Tart au Pommes, yet again, will someone please tell Ms. Golba that I know how to say that/ordered my dinner/tried on a lot of clothes/asked the saleslady to please cut off the tag of a jacket, all in French. O and I'm pretty sure the million stairs that I walked should count for my sports credit. I get really excited when you can see the Vanilla bean in the ice cream.

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