Thursday, March 31, 2011

Packing Up For Spring

{Michael Kors Mongolian Lamb vest, Target flannel, customized Social Collision jeans, Urban Outfitters belt}
I wore this outfit last week to a meeting. I hadn't gotten dressed in a while, so I was anxious to get out these jeans I had just dyed, and somewhat embrace spring. I don't really do color, so white/light grey was pretty spring-y for me. I think I am going to bleach the jeans one more time, I want the denim to really deteriorate. I think its time to put the vest away. It's had a good run, and I know that if I dont store it, I'll be wearing it in July. Target has the best plaid shirts. They're really durable and study, and so cheap! I don't usually wear this one, but I really liked it for the day. I think it washes me out a bit. This painting by my bathroom has really gotten it's shine on Fringing on Obscenity...
Wearing my customized Cole Haan shoes, and this studded bag. I bought it at Loehmanns, originally in black leather, and it is the only faux leather piece I enjoy wearing. I went and got this silver cotton one when it went on sale. It's Thursday...I'm going to skip the Rebecca Black reference.

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