Friday, March 11, 2011

Klaya...Paris's Next Big Thing

Today, mom and I stopped in to visit Klaya. Klaya is Paris's best up and coming brand, and I am obsessed with their collection. Along with Klaya, the same brand has also branched out into Klay, a more casual, street inspired collection. Designed by Catherine Voisenet and Clarisse Virot, the main collection, Klaya, evokes the perfect Parisian woman. When I asked about their ideal customer, they described the women of Paris, often with un-brushed hair, beautiful shoes, and a slight edge that is always sexy. They continually referred to vintage, broken-in clothing, and their collection has the look of well traveled and lived in clothing. Along with a stunning connection, they are the nicest people! Mom and I walked in and they stopped everything to sit and talk with us, and really explain what they were about. It made for a very memorable afternoon.
Aren't they gorgeous? {That was rhetorical, because you know they are} I asked then about their top pieces for fall, and they said mixed-media pieces, a great leather jacket, and something with some sparkle. I couldn't agree more, their design philosophy really captivated me, everything was done with purpose, and they designed not only beautiful clothing, but clothes that could be lived in. Their clothing can be found at the Galleries lafayette {love} and at YaYa.
This sequin top is amazing in real life. I loved the way it was casually tossed over a vintage-looking tee shirt. This was the first picture I took, and it perfectly personified that idea of "causal, everyday glamour".
This was my favorite piece today. It is the perfect statement piece, investment piece. The studs really elevate an already great leather jacket. This jacket would be an amazing, everyday piece to make an outfit special. I am GAGA for this jacket! I think it's also really refreshing to see a studded leather jacket that isn't too punky or gothic. It is definitely rock and roll, but it is a grown up rock and roll.

I was a little unsure about the "mixed media" concept until I saw these jackets. They are so genius! The way the leather was dyed looks glorious next to the soft cotton. The pants are really great too. When we were talking, I voiced that I felt every piece of clothing would look better with age and we all smiled. Although I don't speak fluent French, and they didn't speak fluent English, at that moment we were all on the same page.
I loved seeing the manufacturing sheets for the leather/cotton pants. Seeing these brought me back to working at French Connection and flipping though lookbooks. It always feels very special to see these, because they're never seen by the public. It's like a secret club! I felt very included, and as a designer, I love reading other designer's notes to understand their process.

This tee shirt was yet another great example of Klaya's subtle, casual sexiness. A simple tee shirt has bees elevated to a completely different level with the addition of a sheer lace pattern, and the most exquisitely done beaded shoulders. I had asked what their target age audience was, and they couldn't really come up with a number. I get it now, my friends would look great in this top, and Patricia bought a stunning blazer today that will have to make it's way onto the blog in the very near future.

This beaded leather is going to debuted next season. I love the sketch of the dress it will be featured on!

Klay is the second brand under this house. It shares a name with a very posh, upscale, fitness center and spa. Klay is a lifestyle brand, and the more I heard, the more I understood the type of customer who would wear this brand. There is more of a focus of dressy sweatpants that can be worked out in, but also dressed up with a fabulous necklace and heels.

The print of this tee shirt is so amazing! I don't wear tee shirts often, but I could see this one being a wardrobe staple. I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. BAG. I cannot wait until it goes into production!
Thank you so much for meeting with me! I had an amazing time, I love the brand, and I wish you the best!

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  1. I see you as an amazing fashion commentator. We need to get you into Channel 8 when you return!