Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is He Asleep in this Picture? Nope, It's a Food-Coma

{Sovereign Code shirt. Hawkins McGill vest, Levi's jeans, Eileen Fisher cowl, Vintage bag and Fox tail, Lucky brand shoes, Michael Kors tote}
I think that was the longest Fringing On Obscenity outfit credit list to date. I wore this outfit to go out to dinner with Simona, very excited about spending two days together! We went for all-you-can-eat-Sushi. It was so good, and I believe we ordered upwards of $75 of food, but its only eighteen dollars a person, except if you're really cool like me and have a coupon, then its thirteen. I was going to take food pictures, but remembered that everything posted on the Internet is permanent, and we shouldn't be proud of how much food was consumed. I got this tote as a Bar Mitzvah present from my parents, and I remember walking around like I was the SHIT. It was so cool, an I took it on our 8th grade class trip to DC and I pranced along like I was SJP  with a Gucci bag. Also in that time period, I wore leggings as pants. I got away with it until my mom sat me down and explained why boys can't do that, apparently I was partially flashing everyone in Washington. Awkward, but I have to say I loved it while it lasted. This is my favorite shirt from my Sovereign code collection.  I really should wear these shoes more often, They are more comfortable than sneakers, and thanks to their six inch heel, I am 6'3. Not too shabby. Also, I don't walk around with two purses, this bag has become my sewing bag. I had a fitting, and besides holding clothing, it fits my sewing machine perfectly. Happy Sunday, I'm off to return to my sewing machine.

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