Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dressed for Dairy Queen

So today, I was totally stressed out about a crazy huge anatomy and physiology test, so I thought it would be a nice treat to go grab a Blizzard with my friend Chelsea. 
Reaching for my keys...I am very OCD about locking it, I like to hear is beep five times. I also have a thing for multiples of five, I'm a wreck in the car when it comes to the volume of the radio, it has to be a multiple of five. 
{H&M striped top, Vintage silk shirt, Theory vest}
O need to give this vest a rest... I made a funny. I can't stop wearing it! The fit is so amazing, I had it tailored, so it actually skims my body, it just looks so amazing with everything. I have other vests, and none of them have the same slimming and modern effect. They all have collars and crap on them, I like how simple and clean this vest is. I was given this shirt over the summer, and it took having no other clothes to wear it. I really enjoyed it, and I am just realizing in pictures how beautiful and vibrant the purple is. The funny thing is that there are Velcro strips on the shoulders, presumably for shoulder pads. I liked how light the silk was, and how it blew in the wind all day!
Posing on my car
{Mariella Burani bag, Jessica Simpson shoes}
I love this bag, My mom bought it like three years ago, and never wore it, so I decided that the statute of limitations had run out, and I was to be its rightful owner. I think the mix of leather, studs, and FLORAL is so interesting. I have never seen anything like it. I bought these shoes almost two months ago, and I was waiting to wear them to something fancy, but I got tired of waiting, so I thought, "Why not Dairy Queen?" I've only worn them once before, to a friends house for a study date, and they are treacherous. The heel is six inches, and they hurt like hell, but I really like them. Every time I tried to wear them, someone would say how tacky they are. I completely agree, they are super tacky, but that's exactly why I like them. A red python bow hooker shoe could never replace a sleek black leather ankle boot, but I like having one of two pairs of skanky shoes in my closet. I'm Late for school!
P.S. Blogspot messed up my clock, every post I do says I post it three hours earlier than I actually do. I do not post at four in the morning.

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